Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon – Creating Love that Works & Work that you Love

Responsible Capricorn pushes us to get the work done, but water-y, emotional Cancer reminds us to be sure we’re also nurturing those we love — partners, families, SELF! – at the same time. Spirited Reflection:  Who in your life might need a little extra TLC this...
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May Day – Celebrating our Sexy Selves!

This ancient Earth holy-day reminds us modern folk to reflect the fertility of the blooming flowers around us and celebrate our bodies and our luscious sexuality! Spirited Reflection: What body-loving action(s) can you take this week? Try a...
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Welcoming 2013 with Sacred Sound

Chanting is a form of vocal meditation and has been practiced for millennia, all over the world. Whether you consider yourself a singer or not, try these few chants to launch your New Year! Spirited Reflection: How can you use your voice to declare your divine intentions for...
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