Do you ever feel overwhelmed, under-nurtured, or just plain tired?

Do you ever want to let go, kick back or head for the hills?

What would life be like if you could reconnect with your passion, your purpose, your feminine power?

What would you say if I told you that’s it’s all just a few cycles away?

Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman is the user friendly guide you’ve been yearning for to help you reconnect with that feminine power that has always been yours, inside of you, at your Center.
It’s startling to me, that in my 12 years of coaching, I’ve worked with hundreds of women who simply don’t take the time, feel they deserve the time, or even know how to practice the art of self-care. In fact, all my work with clients now begins by teaching them how to create a foundation of what I call “sacred Self-centeredness“.
Yes… I’m talking about becoming SELF- Centered. With grace and passion. A radical idea.
Being SELF- Centered does NOT mean being selfish.
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Consider this:

How can you provide all the love and support your family needs, if you don’t have a strong Center?
How can you be your best at work, when you’re operating from an empty core?
How can you embrace your most divinely feminine SELF, without a vibrant Circle of One at your soul-center?
The answer is—you can’t.
EVERY woman needs a strong Center, and Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman will help you develop yours.
Journey back to the Center of your SELF by honoring the Sacred Circle within.
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In Circle of One, you will learn how to:
  • Re-connect with the cycles of the Divine Feminine, in synch with the rhythms of nature
  • Flow through the natural stages of change: Release, Retreat, Rebirth–not your grade school 3 R’s!
  • Embrace and embody your ancient feminine wisdom, creating a vibrant, soul-full practice for the present.
  • Move out from your re-charged Circle of One to make a meaningful impact in the world.
Circle of One offers fun and powerful practices to nurture your spirit and feed your soul:
  • Journaling for Self-Reflection and deeper awareness
  • Creating Sacred Space — any time, any place.
  • Engaging in Sacred Play, every day
  • Crafting simple rituals to honor loss and sustain us in challenging times
  • Celebrating special occasions with meaningful, magical ceremonies
  • Developing a rite-minded routine of ongoing Self-care
Come back to your Center. Embrace your Divine Feminine.

Circle of One
Circle of One
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What People Are Saying.
This beautiful guide belongs on every woman’s virtual bookshelf. Deborah Roth’s Circle of One is a heartfelt, practical tool for living at your strongest, most fulfilled and most effective. Her open, conversational style, deep understanding of women’s history and roles, and low cost methods are encouraging and easy to work into the busiest of schedules.

Though I have been working on self care for years, I found new information and wonderful practices to incorporate.  Suggestions are organized by the days of the week and seasons of the year, stages of a woman’s life, and typical rites of passage such as marriage, divorce and job loss and not-so-typical ones such as embracing menarche. I particularly enjoyed the ideas for connecting my Circle of One with others in a “Circle of Oneness.” Thanks to Deborah for touching my heart and sharing so many lovely ways to honor the sacred in daily life and to fortify my commitment to be all I want to and can be.

Deborah Imershein, Transitions coach, Editor, Energy Therapist
This book comes to me at a time when I am seeking a change, or at least a stretching, in my life, craving more meaning and depth in my work and relationships. Deborah’s deeply personal style feels like getting encouragement and great advice from a close friend. Her candid telling of her own journey towards a strong Circle of One makes me feel like I can get there, too. The book gives me a new framework and language for thinking and talking about the cycles of my physical body and their connection to the daily, monthly and seasonal cycles of the earth, as well as to the cycles of my life, as I move through middle age.

I grew up feeling like an Amazon, in a negative sense of being too big, because I was always the tallest girl in my class. Deborah’s book offers me different tools to draw on. I can think of myself as an Amazon Queen, regal and sexy, vital and feisty! Instead of “middle aged,” I am at the climax of my life, a powerful catalyst for change! I can look ahead to a mellower, more reflective, but not unpleasant denouement as a wise woman crone. But Deborah’s book not only reframes for me the denigrated divine feminine, she also teaches me how to put action to these more positive perceptions of my changing body, life transitions and the passage of time. She gives me concrete suggestions for rituals to enact to mark the changes in my life, both large and small, and how to make even day-to-day life more holy and sacred.

Since I read this book, it has stayed with me, resonating throughout the various components of my life. I thought about it as I moved a statue of Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of goodness and mercy, into the foyer of our new house, to imbue it with a divine feminine presence. I thought about it as I made a small “rock garden” in my office so that I can offer colleagues a sacred stone for comfort when they are troubled.  I thought about it as I underwent dental surgery and was able to reframe my perspective away from decline and decay, and towards reflection and renewal. I even enacted a small ritual to say goodbye to the tooth that had served me well for so many years! This book flows, and if you flow along with it, you will find yourself discovering and creating the sacred in the mundane, and unleashing your own divine feminine power in everyday life.

Kari Olson, Ph.D, Researcher, Columbia University
It's not always the case that a wonderful person writes a wonderful book, but in the case of Deb Roth and "Circle of One" that's just what's happened! Deb's book reflects her defining qualities of fierce intelligence and deep warmth. She shows keen scholarship in her analysis and design of rituals for all phases and aspects of life. The obviously genuine caring that she displays for the reader, and the stories she weaves, makes the book enjoyable, meaningful, and accessible. While the book is clearly aimed at a female audience, I can tell you as someone with a Y chromosome that it deeply impacted me as well and made me reflect on what I am doing (or not doing) to nurture my Self - my Circle of One.

Lable Braun, Professional Enigma, Philosopher
Author of In Case of Emergency
Visit Deborah’s Website
Visit Deborah's Website