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I’m a Life & Relationship Coach and Interfaith Minister offering transition coaching and relationship coaching, and I’m delighted that you’ve found me. Over the past 20 years I have helped clients with some of life’s most challenging problems — career change (and other big life transitions like retirement, death of a loved one, empty-nesting), marital friction, communication between partners, deciding to stay or leave a relationship, job, or lifestyle. When it comes to making meaningful transitions from one part of your life to another, I have seen and worked with almost every situation

As a life coach, my focus is on the positive outcomes that are possible and what it takes to help you achieve your best. For many clients, the drive to work with someone like me stems from a genuine desire to take your life from fine to FABULOUS. I can help you do that. My goal is to help you find creative, soul-full solutions to transform your life, work and relationships into whatever version of them allows your highest self to come out and shine!

My life coaching tool kit includes: a deep understanding of the connection between your mind, body and spirit; extensive training in the areas of transition psychology, career change, and relationship dynamics; expertise in the some of the more “out-of-the-box” areas of women’s spirituality, ritual facilitation, moon cycles, astrology, feminist psychology, and spiritual traditions from around the world. The end result is a very powerful blend of left-brained/linear and right-brained/intuitive support for you!

And underlying all of my work as a life coach is a passionate commitment to radical self-care or what I call “sacred SELF-centeredness”. You already know you should take care of yourself, but if you’re here, you’re not doing it as you KNOW you should. I can help you figure out the blocks to living the life you want so you can thrive.

If you’re ready to explore creating change and transitioning your life from feeling stuck to bing in complete and total flow, let’s talk.

I’m ready to explore working together!

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Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Embrace Your Power & Anger

#InnerGoddessTeam Sekhmet is a lion headed solar goddess of fierceness. Celebrating Nov. 20th the day of Sekhmet and Nov. 24th a day for offerings Deb shares an invocation to Sekhmet Activate Sekhmet for fierce declaration of what you need or something you want to defend, Words associated with Sekhmet – solar energy, blood thirsty lion […]

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Seasonal Book Offering

Fall – Daily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine

Wander through the Fall season to reap the harvest of both your carefully planned and carelessly playful meanderings of the past several months.

Now is the time to gather and cull the wisdom that is waiting for you to discover in Life and in the pages of your journal.

This is a digital book delivered via download in pdf format.

Fall Authentic Woman Play Book eBook
Price: $7.77

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