Deb’s one BIG Pick for the Libra Full Moon — The Power of Love & Anger: Coming together in Artivism

[Note: I’m posting this well after the Full Moon since it was a wild week after we got home, but the reflections about Love and Anger are always relevant!]

I’m sitting in the airport in Cancun, ready to fly home after a wonderful week on the Riviera Maya! I thought I’d have a moment to put together some bright, sunshine-y Deb‘s Picks for the Libra Full Moon coming up tomorrow (Monday) March 25, but that never happened, though not for the reasons you might think. Yes, there was some beach brain involved, but that didn’t really kick in until the end of the week, because the first part of the week I was in the midst of another major pivot for our Spring Artivists’ benefit on April 12 and 13th…. more about that later.

What I was able to do is to catch up on some of the powerful morning meditations from Richard Rohr and the Center for Action and Contemplation. I’ve highlighted him before in past Deb‘s Picks, and he just keeps inspiring me with themes that fit in perfectly with various full moon energies!

He offered a whole series of meditations on “love and anger”, and yet again it seems to be a perfect reflection of the upcoming Libra/Aries Full Moon — a combination of love/beauty (Libra) and anger/conflict (Aries). And as I continued to ruminate on it, I realized that’s really the essence of artivism – drawing on the arts to express your anger/passion about injustice in the world.

That train of thought was further amplified by the fact that I’ve been reading an amazing book this week by the brilliant writer Cole Arthur Riley, “This Here Flesh”. (Big surprise, I discovered her through the Richard Rohr meditations, too!) Here are just a few quotes from her:

“… it is much easier to locate love in rage than in apathy.”

“Holy anger is that which liberates. It marches, chants, and flips tables, demanding wrong be called by its rightful name. It is both passion and calculation, longing for more, but for the sake of justice and dignity.”

I would add that “holy anger” is where love and anger intersect. I have felt that so deeply in the 15 years that I’ve been engaged in the passionate work of the 4thU Artivists to end gender violence and systemic oppression.

So all of these ruminations have basically been a preamble to letting you know there’s going to be just one Deb’s Picks and that is tell you about our “new“ Artivist show!

Due to unforeseen licensing issues, we are no longer able to present V’s (formally Eve Ensler) The Vagina Monologues. Instead, we’ll be producing another of her powerful plays, The Good Body, which we actually presented on our 10th anniversary in 2014 to great reviews.

Here’s another quote from Arthur Riley’s book that’s remarkably relevant to our new show:

Activism is the body of justice. It invites you into embodied declarations of dignity and birth. As you participate in its body, you find yourself, increasingly grounded in your own, I think activism is a virtue. To be a person who cares and honors creation is to be a person who acts in in favor of its flourishing”. 

Sooo, to learn more about this wonderful show, you can visit our website… I hope we’ll see you!

In the meantime, you have two ways to tap into the powerful cosmic energies of Libra and Aries:

The first, of course, is to join us for my upcoming Libra/Aries Full Moon TeleMeditation on Monday, March 25th Noon ET — click HERE for details on how to join the call or see the sidebar below for the call-in #. Hope to “hear” you then!

Then, if you’re ready to tap into that fire-y, dynamic, full-steam-ahead Aries energy, come join me on Monday, April 8th at Noon ET for my VIRTUAL New Moon SisterCircle at the Wellness Universe when we’ll be “RECLAIMING LILITH FOR RADICAL EMPOWERMENT”. Both the Sun and the Moon are in Aries on the New Moon and this one is double-y powerful since it’s also a total solar eclipse. I guarantee you’ll come away feeling re-connected to your inner Warrior goddess and ready to take powerful, productive action in your life and/or work!

And please do support my one BIG Deb’s Pick this month — 4thU Artivists final production on April 12th and 13th of THE GOOD BODY If you’re coming in person, let me know so I can look for you. And no matter where you are, or whether you’re free that night or not, you can still get a ticket and watch the live-streamed video later.