Meme -- Weirdness makes you strong

Deb’s Picks for the Aquarius/Leo Full Moon — EMBRACE YOUR PERSONAL WOO-WOO!

What makes you different, even quirky??

I’ve been reclaiming that word, “woo-woo”. For a long time it’s had a negative connotation for me — and many people, I suspect — but I’m having fun embracing it to describe my funky, different, “weird” side!

And of course in the middle of these reflections, this meme appeared in one of my favorite, definitely woo-woo, newsletters from Rob Brezsny — click on the graphic to subscribe. He’s a brilliant writer who uses words in fabulous, crazy ways, and I always find multiple pearls there that speak to me.

When I was working on my Master’s thesis years ago, I dove headfirst into feminist psychology, women’s spirituality, and the esoteric symbol systems of tarot, astrology, and palmistry. When people asked what I was doing, I’d be self-effacing as I rolled my eyes and called it the “weird stuff”. Goddess forbid that anyone would think I was strange or not take me seriously!

Then, a pivotal moment for me happened at, of all places, a potluck dinner for our younger son’s soccer team. As the boys played video games in the next room, we parents stood around in small groups talking and eating. Someone asked about my Master’s thesis and I found myself describing it to a group of 5 or 6 people… confidently, matter-of-factly, as though it was the most ordinary thing in the world to be researching and writing about these topics. And predictably, about a third of the group faded away (I was clearly way too “woo-woo” for them), another third were polite but curious, and the remaining ones were excited to hear more.

There’s more to the story than that (email me and I’ll send you the article I wrote about it!), but suffice it to say that it was a big deal to not fixate on what the “fade away” group thought of me, or to judge them. I can’t say those feelings have completely disappeared, but I’m definitely sooo much more comfortable sharing what I do in mainstream settings!

How about you? How often do you let your little “inner rebel” out to play? How can you access your true self and wave your “freak flag” more confidently?

In case you haven’t guessed, the energy of the Aquarius/Leo Full Moon coming up on August 1st is a great time to celebrate your unique, out-of-the-box self. The Moon in Aquarius urges us to embrace our quirky, sassy, “gotta be me” traits, then to share them with the world to help humanity. We desperately need your personal woo-woo out there!

And with the Sun in fire-y, creative, self-expressive, playful Leo, you’ll get an extra lift to carry your unique gifts and talents far and wide. Then, keep the momentum going as the Sun continues to move through Leo from July 22nd to August 23rd.

[And if you really want to dive into Leo’s playful creativity, definitely tune into  I’ll be facilitating through the Wellness Universe oWednesday, August 16th (no live circle in NYC this month). Our theme will be “Playing with our Inner Child” and we’ll revel in the fun-loving Leo energy that’s dancing around us to reclaim PLAY in our lives.)

But before then, be sure to join us for my upcoming Aquarius/Leo Full Moon TeleMeditation next Tues., August 1st at Noon ET — click HERE for details on how to join us. Hope to “hear” you then! (And if you miss it, contact me and I’ll send you the recording, or look for it on Facebook & Instagram)

Now check out this month’s Deb’s Picks to help you reclaim and express those brilliant, bodacious traits that make you, YOU!


I’ve known these two exquisite beings for many years now, and love watching how their work continues to evolve. 15 years ago, Alexander was introduced to the 52 card deck of playing cards as being the basic blueprint of life, based on your birthday. After much research and meditation (I’m giving you the VERY short version here) he realized that the pip patterns on the faces of the cards are a visual language that express the meaning of the Flower of Life.

They symbolize the sacred geometric building blocks of our space-time matrix, and in their usage and meaning, they were once known as the Tree of Life and the Book of Life. Talk about “out-of-the-box”, right?! I’ve just joined their new “Daily Game” to learn more about my cards, but there are SO many ways you can tap into this powerful wisdom, even just starting with the book. Click on link above to wander around their website and be prepared to have your true self beautifully affirmed!


If you’re ready to build your life and business around the truth of who you are, rather than define who you are by what you think you “should” be doing, you have to join my dear friend Michelle for this transformative retreat. She’s a fabulous teacher, coach and soul-guide, and in this powerful weekend, she’ll lead you to awaken the Sovereign Queen archetype through multiple experiential sessions, a magical fire ritual, sister circles, and plenty of time for reflection, nature and renewal. The subtitle for this retreat is “Discover the life-changing gift of self-ownership” — a perfect fit for the “gotta be me” energy of this Full Moon. Click HERE to sign up now!


A mutual friend turned me on to their work and my only regret is that they’re on the West Coast so I probably won’t be meeting them or seeing Jerry’s amazing sculptures (in the photo) anytime soon! They live on Whidbey Island in Washington state, on “the wild edges of mainstream culture”... both literally and figuratively. You really have to go to their website to explore Jerry’s interactive sculptures and be sure to check out Marilyn’s programs and pilgrimages to the Black Madonnas, as well as her Seasonal Year-long Wellness Journey. All look to be truly magical.


Renee Trudeau, one of my other fabulous soul-sisters (yes, I have many!) introduced me to this book and in fact, adopted the name for her powerful women’s retreats at Kripalu Yoga Center — she’s got another one coming up in October and you can register HERE! But definitely check out this beautiful book, too. Mary has collected Wild Soul Stories from around the globe… as she says, “It is a story that requires you to leave the well-worn path and enter the dark and leafy terrain of your imagination”.

She presents Earth’s five great landscapes as aspects of our deeper, wilder selves where the inner and outer worlds meet and we discover within our souls: forests, oceans & rivers, deserts, mountains, and grasslands. I’m about halfway through the book and already have her beautiful (free) mandala sitting on my desk with affirmations to deepen my understanding of each one. Her work really does speak to my nature-loving soul, and I think it will for you, too.

I hope some of these Picks resonate with your Inner Rebel, and of course, if you’ve got some fun, funky events or resources to share, I’d love to hear them!

With steamy summer blessings,