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Deb’s Picks for the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon — WHAT IS PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY?

Before I jump into this juicy topic, a few caveats —

#1 — I’ve been having a wonderful fun, family-filled summer which includes a getaway to Cape Cod with my 93-year-old mom the last week of August. We’ve been doing these mom-daughter, mid-week trips for over 30 years now and the older we get, the more precious they are!

Sooo, there will be NO Full Moon Meditation on August 30th. But I’ll still give you the deets about its energy below, as well as a link to listen to last year’s meditation if you’re so inclined.

#2 — because I’m so wonderfully mellowed out from all this summer fun, I’ll be re-cycling my Deb’s Picks blog from last year for this upcoming Pisces/Virgo Full Moon. That’s a first for me! However, I am updating some of the actual Picks themselves to turn you on to some of my more recent finds — you can check them out below. And of course, you can look at last year’s Pisces Picks to see some more!

So on to Practical Spirituality…

When I was working on my Master’s thesis 25 years ago, I was fascinated by the writing of the feminist theologian Mary Daly — the title of her provocative book, “Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism, gives you an idea of the ways she de-constructed old words and created new ones in powerful, mind-bending ways. Check her out if you’re ready for some pretty brilliant brain food!

And I’ve always loved weaving words together myself that seem contradictory:

Soft intensity — a phrase I offered one of my yoga teachers to describe her classes (she ended up using it in her promo!)

Static movement — a concept I coined with one of my first coaching clients years ago for when things seem quiet on the surface but there’s lots going on underneath.

Ruthless compassion — when you’re struggling to feel empathy for someone and have to dig deep and hard to find an emotional connection.

Practical spirituality. It’s one of those word combinations that’s always fascinated me. The Oxford Dictionary defines spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”. But in order to ground our soul-searching, I believe we must find practical, tangible tools and resources to make it real in our lives.

How the Pisces Full Moon embodies practical spirituality

The Pisces/Virgo Full Moon coming up on August 30th embodies those two qualities perfectly! In fact, Full Moons in general are always a powerful time to bring together two different energies since the Sun and Moon are in opposite zodiac signs.

When the Moon is in Pisces, it’s a great time for tapping into our intuition and imagination, for “going with the flow”, and for holding compassion and empathy for ourselves and indeed, for all of humanity. And this Virgo season (from August 22 — September 22) brings with it a big dose of practical, quick-thinking mental energy, particularly focused on healthy self care.

(Remember, New Moons are when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign – you can read my Virgo New Moon blog to get some ideas about you could tap into that energy, even though the actual New Moon won’t be until September 14th.)

I hope some of my Deb’s Picks below will expand your practical spirituality toolbox – I’d love to hear some of yours, and some of the ways that you’ve played with language and word combinations as well!


I first connected with Valerie years ago when she had her award-winning aromatherapy company, Essence of Vali. Fragrant Notes (great play on words, right?) is her next chapter and it’s designed for women who appreciate timeless beauty, health and wellbeing. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be interviewed for her podcast! Click on the link above to listen to our conversation, then go to her website and check out her other offerings, including her new fragrance, Earth Embrace — perfect for this upcoming watery/earthy Pisces/Virgo Full Moon!


This organization was born when the founder met a 106-year-old Lama in his cave in a remote corner of Nepal. In answer to her question, “What can we do to bring healing and protection to the Earth?” she was given a practice of filling, sealing and burying Earth Treasure Vases around the world in places of need, bringing this ancient Buddhist practice alive for our times. Since then, the original 30 vases have been buried as well as many 2nd generation treasure vases and they form a living global mandala of prayers. Every full moon you can participate in a guided meditation to direct prayers and intentions into the vases and energize the global mandala. I’ve attended a few and they are fascinating, reverent experiences.


I’ve been reading this book in delicious, bite-sized pieces since a friend gifted it to me last year (thanks, Phyllis!). Dr. Remen is an oncologist, but is probably better known now as an exquisite storyteller. Her first book was “Kitchen Table Wisdom” which I read years ago and both books celebrate the power of kindness and of healing connections. If you want a lovely reminder to stop and recognize the blessings in your life, then to bestow them on others, definitely treat yourself to her writing.


I found out about these beautiful little hearts from Rachel’s book and did some further digging. While this Center offers them as a tangible, soothing source of comfort for grieving children, it turns out that many organizations offer some version of them — google them and you’ll see. As Rachel describes them, they are “small enough to put into a little pocket & take to school to hold… giving children permission to hold their own hearts tenderly & to grieve. To remember that they were loved & know that they can love.” Such a sweet example of combining Pisces compassion with Virgo’s concrete, practical energy.


I met David Whyte when he spoke at a coaching conference years ago. He’s written some wonderful books, weaving his poetry with practical lessons about life and work and this video just seemed to capture the transcendent (Pisces) power of words with a very grounded celebration of Mother Earth (did I mention Virgo is an Earth sign?). Watch and listen and prepare to be transported for a few moments.


I hope you’ll check out some of these powerful, practical offerings and of course, I’d love to hear about ones you’ve found, too!

With sweet late-summer blessings,