Navigating “Social” Waters …

cliff jumping - Nick Anderson
Compass in hand.

Feet first.

With head and heart fully engaged.

I’m jumping into the world of blogging, tweeting and other online activities to get better connected to friends old and new, to help grow my business, and to learn from so many of you every single day.

As a spirited life/career transition coach, relationship coach, creatrix of fun, magical women’s circles and life ceremonies, I’m an expert at what I do. But I don’t have the social media skills, savvy or confidence to blog and tweet on my own just yet.

So I’ve enlisted a social media coach, someone non-judgmental, 100% supportive, and very familiar with the digital landscape, to help me navigate the waters. In some cases we’re navigating them together!

Sound familiar?? Aren’t there things in your life you’d like to do differently, but you need your own catalyst, someone to just ‘be there’ to guide you, helping you to expose that SELF-centered inner spirit that knows what you want, and streamlining your path to getting there??

I’d be thrilled to know you’re out there with me – we can watch, cheer, support each other as we learn and grow!

Are you with me??