What Are The 12 Astrology Houses and how can you create New Moon love magic as it moves through each house of your birth chart?

Understanding the power of you Natal Chart

Follow the New Moon through your Birth Chart!

Look at which astrology house the New Moon falls in each month to spice up your love life!

Are you one of those people who obsessively reads your horoscope every day? Or maybe you’re just mildly curious about what this “astrology stuff” is all about.

The truth is, there is so much more to your astrological profile than just what zodiac sign your Sun falls in, which is what all those zillions of horoscopes out there are based on. If you’ve ever had a chance to look at your birth chart, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Basically, your natal chart looks like a big wheel cut into 12 sections with lots of symbols (called “glyphs” in astrology) and numbers in each of the pie slices. All of the zodiac signs are spread around the outer rim of the wheel, then the planets are placed in each of the pie sections, and the center of the wheel contains a bunch of lines (called “aspects”) connecting lots of those planets, like helter-skelter wheel spokes. If you don’t know what all of those pieces mean, it just looks like a lot of gibberish!

What exactly are the houses in astrology?

In the spirit of not completely overwhelming you with astrology lingo, we’re going to focus on the pie sections – in astrology, they’re called “houses”. As long as you’ve got your date, exact time and place of your birth, you can go to any astrology site or astrologer and can get your full natal chart calculated which will show what sign is on the “cusp”, or the beginning, of each house.

And from there you can pull out an astounding amount of information about your basic personality traits, as well as using the chart TODAY to help support your work, relationships and life in general.

One of the ways to do that is to look at what house the New Moon falls in each month. Just get a good Moon calendar or google the New Moon dates for the year and you’ll see what zodiac sign it’s in, right down to the degree and minute. Then, look at your natal chart, place it between the correct house cusps (also indicated by degree and minute) and voila – you’re all set to play with some powerful lunar love magic!

New Moons represent new beginnings and growth.

So that means the New Moon is a great time for reflection and visioning. We can plant the seeds for ideas, plans and actions that we want to grow over the coming weeks, until it grows to a bright, glorious Full Moon, which is the time for creativity and bringing those intentions to fruition.

For many years I’ve facilitated a year-long program I call “astro-ritual coaching” based solely on the house placement of the New Moon each month in your birth chart and how you can use that information to enhance every aspect of your life. Since Spring is bursting out all over and the birds and bees are making whoopee, let’s take a look at how we humans can use some of that New Moon magic each month to ramp up our love lives!

New Moon in the 1st house

The first house represents your personality, physical body and personal appearance. And since it’s also house #1, it’s about taking on new projects and setting new goals. You might feel a burst of energy or feel inspired to work on self-improvement or your self-image.

This would be a great month for you to try on a new look – how about a different haircut, or getting eyelash extensions for the first time? Indulge in a little self-love. Maybe you can grab your sweetie to start a new exercise routine together… you’ll have a better chance of success if you have a partner to encourage you. Just be sure not to overdue it since that high energy might be spiking this month.

New Moon in the 2nd house

The second house is the house of “values”, both how you define your self-worth and inner, core values, as well as what you value in terms of your belongings and personal resources. If you’ve been meaning to sit down and look seriously at your finances, this is the time to do it.

On a practical level, create a budget or devise ways to supplement your income. And what does that have to do with your love life? Money issues (along with sex and children) are one of the biggest stressors in a relationship, so this month is the perfect time to get your different financial expectations in synch. You’ll save yourselves some unpleasant blow-ups in the future and maybe find you can actually afford an unexpected romantic getaway!

New Moon in the 3rd house

The third house is all about how we think and use our brains, then how we communicate what we’re thinking or what we’ve learned, either in writing or verbally. Totally unrelated, it also covers your relationship to your siblings and neighbors, as well as transportation issues. (You’ll see there are several houses that encompass more than one area of your life, while others are pretty singularly focused.)

How about writing a love letter to your partner? Or heading out with them on a country drive for some exploring and talking (no screens allowed!) If you’re not in a relationship, maybe write a letter to your future lover, describing all the things you love about him or her. Take advantage of the extra mental activity at this time and take a course on how to attract (or improve) a relationship.

New Moon in the 4th house

Home and family are the focus of the fourth house… the emphasis is on comfort and domesticity. It’s also where we look to our past for clues about how our parents and childhood molded us. Self-reflection through meditation and journaling can be powerful tools to help release old baggage and practice forgiveness any time, but especially this month.

Plan a de-cluttering day or weekend – cleaning out the closets or garage opens up space for new energy to flow in… maybe even a new relationship, if you’re in the market for one! Then spruce up your bedroom to make it more welcoming. If you’re married, invite your parents and in-laws over for a home-cooked feast and do some positive reminiscing about your and your spouses’ childhoods.

New Moon in the 5th house

The fifth house wants you to play and find romance! It governs relaxation, entertainment, and even gambling if that’s your thing, as well as creative self-expression. Whatever artistic or dramatic urges you have are found in the fifth house.

With the New Moon here, you have full permission to just play and bring out your inner child. Obvious activities this month would be to plan lots of dates for the movies, theater and sports events. Maybe an amusement park, a sip-and-paint evening (to get those creative juices flowing) or a trip to a casino? Make it a romantic excursion, but even if you just go with friends, who knows who you might meet there?

New Moon in the 6th house

The sixth house is one of those “everything but the kitchen sink” houses – it’s often called the House of Health, but it represents our day-to-day work, workplace, and co-workers as well. It’s where we look at how we serve others and they serve us.  It also covers our routines and habits, and even pets!

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your relationships this month is to renew your commitment to extreme self-care…remember you can’t fully take care of others unless you’re nurturing yourself first.  Set healthy boundaries, do a full-body cleanse and put some new diet and fitness routines in place. And be sure your work-life balance is solid, too.

New Moon in the 7th house

Remember when I said earlier that some houses have a super-focused agenda? The seventh house is one of them – it’s all about being in partnership and intimate relationships. This is where you re-asses your personal needs and the needs of others, where you work through issues of individuality and intimacy.

So that makes this month the quintessential time for love magic. Light a candle, play some soft music and create a little cocoon for some deep conversations about your relationship. Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to balancing your alone-time and time with friends with your couple-time? If you’re single you may want to assess if you even have enough space in your life for a partner. If not, make it!

New Moon in the 8th house

In astrology, the common phrase that describes the energies of the eighth house is “death, sex, and taxes”! Don’t worry, it’s not usually about people actually dying, but more about transformation and rebirth — identifying negative habits and letting them die so you can create new, positive ones. It’s also where we address shared resources – alimony, inheritance, and yes, taxes.

That deep exploration into intimacy you did last month when the New Moon was in your seventh house? Now is time to put all of that into practice with some great sex! Then assess your joint assets and review your financial goals, as un-sexy as that sounds (refer back to the second house). Intense emotions and power plays can also be triggered then the New Moon passes through this house, so tread lightly.

New Moon in the 9th house

The ninth house is where we search for meaning and examine our belief systems. The energy of this house is expansive and represents our views on religion, philosophy and higher education. It also governs long-distant travel, foreigners, and weirdly, your in-laws…maybe because they expand your family?

Take some time this month to reflect on ways you can bring your spirituality into everyday reality. If you’re coupled, maybe the two of you can attend a spiritual retreat or meditation evening. If you’re single, who knows… maybe you can meet a like-minded spirit there, too! Expand your horizons – literally, by taking a trip together or solo, or figuratively, by studying something new,

New Moon in the 10th house

Your career, professional reputation and social status are all highlighted in the tenth house. Your achievements and ambitions are also represented here, along with the need for recognition and concern with your public image.

Since this house is directly opposite the fourth house (representing home and family), when the New Moon lands here, it’s another good time to consider the balance between your home life and your work life… always a good exercise to do periodically to ensure that your most important relationships aren’t suffering.

New Moon in the 11th house

The eleventh house covers your friends and acquaintances, as well as your group affiliations and humanitarian interest. It’s a pretty socially-oriented house but then it also addresses your goals and expectations, so like many other houses, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

An obvious thing to do this month is to hit the town with your partner and a bunch of other couples! And of course, if you’re single, grab some friends and go to your favorite nightclub or karaoke bar. Or to capitalize on the humanitarian vibe, find a worthy project to participate in – my brother met his wife constructing a playground for a volunteer organization!

New Moon in the 12th house

When you enter the twelfth house, you dive into the subconscious mind, the dream world and what is hidden or unseen. It governs places of confinement, like hospitals, mental institutions and prisons, but also monasteries, ashrams and spiritual retreat centers.

So go hibernate with your favorite monk and explore your deepest fears, desires and dreams, either on your own or through a holistic healing program. This month would also be a great time to start couples therapy, or look at what self-limiting beliefs are preventing you from attracting you soul mate. Don’t be afraid to go deep!

Whether you’re an ardent fan of astrology or a dabbler, it’s fun to combine some of the insights found in the houses of your natal chart with the current movements of the moon and see how they can enrich your life and relationships. Play with it for a few months and try out your own ideas!

Hi, I’m Deborah Roth, a Life and Relationship Coach, and also a Counseling Astrologer and Interfaith Minister. I lead women’s New Moon Circles and Full Moon TeleMeditations every month and love supporting individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body and spirit, and enhance their relationships. You can learn more about my work HERE or email me at Deborah@SpiritedLiving.com to schedule an introductory coaching session.