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The right choice for coaching for anyone going through a major life and/or relationship transition. Do you want support to move forward in your life? Let me help you clarify your vision, remove obstacles so you gain a sense of control over your future.

Are you in the middle (or on the verge!) of a major life and/or career transition and wish you had some extra support? Do you want more of anything in your life – more time, balance, focus, money, recognition? Have you been ignoring what your body is telling you in whispers and shouts?

There’s no better time than now to discover how you might put more meaning into your life. I can help you clarify your life and career goals and establish an action-oriented path to get you where you want to be regardless of where you are today!  

Let’s get you “unstuck” and put you back in charge of your own direction.

So, What Is Coaching?

It’s probably safe to say that all of us are in transition in some area of our lives at any given time. As William Bridges points out in his now classic “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes”, even if the changes are positive, they can still be stressful and throw us off balance. Whether it’s work-related, or involving our intimate relationships, homes, or families, it helps to have a partner to help us sort things out, to brainstorm with and to formulate a plan of action.

Coaching is a powerful process designed to support and develop anyone who’s in transition (or who wants to be!) and wants to get to make it a truly transformative process. You want to move through those times with more awareness and focus, less stress and confusion, a stronger commitment to extreme self-care, and maintaining a deep connection to your own inner wisdom.

Coaching synthesizes the best from psychology, business, transformation philosophy, spirituality and finance. It’s for entrepreneurs who want to improve some aspect of their business, writers who want to find time to write, or professionals who want to find a healthy balance between their business and personal lives. Coaching works because you and your coach become a team and accomplish more than you would alone. You’re likely to think bigger and accomplish more because of the accountability that meeting with your coach provides than you would alone.

As a client of mine put it once, having a coach is like having your own personal Tinkerbell — to shine a light when the path is rocky, sit on your shoulder and cheer you on when things are great, tweak your ear when you fall asleep, and kick you in the head (gently!) when you’re stuck or too hard on yourself. I’ve always loved that image… all 5’10” of me, with wings, flitting around encouraging you(!), but more importantly because it really does capture the multi-faceted benefits of coaching. If it intrigues you, too, then let’s look at some of the different ways we can work together.

Spirited Career and Life Coaching

For the first three years after I started my coaching business in 1998, I was an Adjunct Career Counselor for a major outplacement firm here in New York City. I went into their offices once a month to deliver their 2-day Job Search workshop to all levels of employees who had recently been laid off by their companies. It was an educational experience on every level… I learned to coach people from executives to clerical staff on resume writing, interviewing skills, and effective networking — the “hard” skills of career change. But things definitely shifted after about a year when I started including in my introduction that I was also an Interfaith Minister – a big step for me professionally, to “come out of the closet” that way in the corporate world!

Suddenly, people started sharing for the first time about the trip to an ashram in India they’d always wanted to take, or their dream of opening a little store in their community. Or they’d come up to me during the break to share the struggles they were having with their spouse, now that they were home all the time. It was an eye-opening introduction to the “soft” side of the career transition process that Bill Bridges addresses in his work, and in fact, tackles head-on in his second book Managing Transitions. And for me, it was a powerful wake-up call to be sure to incorporate both of those sides in my own coaching practice — to honor the logical, step-by-step, linear approach of the left brain equally with the more intuitive, non-linear, emotional strengths of the right brain.

So, for that reason, I offer a range of different coaching modalities, from structured programs to more organic, intuitive methods. If you’re someone who likes having a workbook with specific exercises to focus on each week, definitely check out some of my Special Coaching Programs.

If you’re looking for a more fluid approach to addressing goals and intentions in your personal and/or professional lives, we can do that as well. We begin by identifying those key areas of your work and/or that you want to take action on, but haven’t for some reason. Then, in our weekly conversations, we review what you’ve accomplished and what actions you’re committed to taking to move yourself forward.

And woven through the whole process is a real emphasis on maintaining a conscious routine of what I call “Sacred SELF-Centeredness” – being grounded and centered in our deepest SELVES as we practice extreme self care, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You can read more about this in my book, Circle of One – The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman.  In his Seven Habits for Highly Effective People, Steven Covey refers to this practice as “sharpening the saw” and it actually encompasses all of the other “habits” in his model.

Typically, this type of individual coaching is over the telephone, once a week, two or three times a month, with an initial commitment of 3 months. After you complete a comprehensive Coaching Welcome Packet, we begin with a one-hour orientation conversation (for a one-time fee of $225, and in-person, if you’re local), then move into the coaching “package” of your choice. Email feedback and “Coach on Call” (5-10 minute calls) between scheduled calls are also included in the monthly retainer, which ranges from $350-$675, depending on which of the following packages you choose:

Coaching Packages

3 Coaching  calls/sessions per month

Three 40-minute calls — $450/month
Three 50-minute calls — $550/month
Three 60-minute calls — $675/month

2 Coaching calls/sessions per month

Two 40-minute calls — $350/month
Two 50-minute calls — $400/month
Two 60-minute calls — $450/month

If you have any questions and want to learn more, let’s schedule a FREE 40-minute introductory coaching call….
I look forward to talking with you and exploring the powerful process of coaching!

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