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Life Transition & Career Coaching

The right choice for coaching for anyone going through a major life and/or relationship transition.

Do you want support to move forward in your life? Let’s clarify your vision, remove obstacles so you gain a sense of control over your future.

Are you in the middle (or on the verge!) of a major life and/or career transition and wish you had some extra support?

Do you want more of anything in your life – more time, balance, focus, money, recognition?

Have you been ignoring what your body is telling you in whispers and shouts?

There’s no better time than now to discover how you might put more meaning into your life. I can help you clarify your life and career goals and establish an action-oriented path to get you where you want to be regardless of where you are today!

Let’s get you “unstuck” and put you back in charge of your own direction.

As a client of mine put it once, having a coach is like having your own personal Tinkerbell — to shine a light when the path is rocky, sit on your shoulder and cheer you on when things are great, tweak your ear when you fall asleep, and kick you in the head (gently!) when you’re stuck or too hard on yourself. I’ve always loved that image… all 5’10” of me, with wings, flitting around encouraging you(!), but more importantly because it really does capture the multi-faceted benefits of coaching. If it intrigues you, too, then let’s look at some of the different ways we can work together.