Colored mandala with images of maiden, mother, amazon and crone

Divinely Feminine Coaching

Have you watched my Dancing with your Divinely Feminine Wisdom videos?

Are you ready to create your own Goddess connection and become a spiritual being with more clarity & conviction to transform your career, relationships, and self?

If you have found yourself pulled to seek more information, for something more personal to you and where you are, I invite you to schedule a half hour session with me.

Want more Divine in the mundane?

For all the strides women have made over the years, we still live in a pretty male-dominated society and we all suffer from that lop-sided energy.

Don’t get me wrong – we all need those classically-defined masculine qualities – assertive, logical, ambitious, independent, linear, single-focused, competitive, etc.

We also need them to be balanced by equally powerful feminine traits – receptive, intuitive, collaborative, inter-dependent, emotionally-expressive, nurturing, multi-tasking, etc.

That feminine/masculine imbalance can show up in your life in many different ways:

  • Dismissing intuitive hits or hunches when they bubble up.
  • Thinking hunches are bad because they are not based in reality.
  • Over-analyzing everything.
  • Thinking that if you ask for help, it’s a sign of weakness
  • Reluctance to express your strong opinions.
  • Stuffing down your emotional responses because then you’re a hysterical female.Together let’s work to develop that balance & bring more Divinely Feminine energy into your life.

I’ll draw from my extensive research and experience in feminist psychology and women’s spirituality, as well as my years of coaching and ministering. You’ll bring your whole, vibrant SELF to the conversation and we’ll see what magic we can create together!

I also can provide a more structured program that I call Spirited Living Women’s Empowerment, which offers a 3 month journey to Get Focused, Get Started, Get It Done.

Connect with me to set up YOUR ½ hour Discovery Session. I want to hear more about where you are on your journey, we can begin bringing your whole being into alignment.