Special Coaching Programs

I offer a range of different coaching modalities, from structured programs to more organic, intuitive methods.  If your style is to create an individualized partnership to accomplish your goals and receive ongoing support, then definitely look at my Career/Life Coaching page for an overview of how that works.  If you’re someone who likes having a specific agenda with regular “assignments”, then stay right here and check out some of these Special Coaching Programs.


The Spirited Living Women’s Empowerment Program (SWEP)

I developed the SWEP program a few years ago for women who’ve been paralyzed, procrastinating or just not playing full out… it’s a 3-month journey to Get Unstuck, Get Focused, and Get It Done! Your journey begins by naming at least one Big Spirited Intention (BSI) you wish to achieve, and in our three months together, you’ll be guided through the six SPIRITed steps of the Spirited Living Women’s Empowerment Process in order to manifest your BSI:

  • Sweep away your fears and sustain clarity and confidence in ALL areas of your life
  • Practice your gifts & produce magical results
  • Imagine your life’s true purpose and initiate concrete steps toward it
  • Rejuvenate your practice of radical self-care
  • Increase your connection to your divinely feminine intuition
  • Tap into trust and transform into your most terrific, empowered Goddess-self!

Experience what life would be like if you could reconnect with your passion, your purpose, your feminine power! Go HERE to get more details about the program and Email me to find out when the next SWEP group series begins, or if you’re interested in working on it through individual coaching.


Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction” Program

Are you ready for a life-changing move but not sure what exactly you want to do or how to move forward? This program is for those of you who don’t have a BSI – you don’t even know where to start. The Now What? method is based on the book with the same title by Laura Berman Fortgang, well-known coach, author and speaker. I was one of her Senior Trainers for many years and now just love guiding people through this powerful change model, a structured, insight-producing process designed to help YOU chart a new course for your life and your work.

Typically, you’ll buy your own copy of the book and we’ll work through the 12 chapters in one-on-one coaching sessions using one of the packages described on my Career/Life Coaching page – you choose how quickly you want to go. By the end of the program, you’ll have a clearer idea of what’s next for you, then you can move on to the Spirited Living Women’s Empowerment Program to manifest it! Email me for more information.


WomanSpirit Coaching

Ongoing programs are available for women who wish to deepen their personal spiritual exploration, their connection to the Divine Feminine and to the cycles of the Earth and the Moon. The Sister-Circle Weavers Program is a year-long journey that I developed and facilitated in a group format for 10 years and now offer in a private coaching format. We meet once a month either live or on the phone and discuss a wide range of women’s spirituality topics. You’ll deepen your own spiritual practice, explore the power of transformative ritual in your life, and re-discover your connection to the Divine Feminine. If such a journey calls to you, let’s talk and we’ll tailor-make a magical program specifically for your needs and interests.


Conscious Dating for Singles (CDS Program) and Partners in Life (PIL Program) for Couples

I offer the CDS program in a 6-week TeleClass format or individually on the telephone through one of my standard coaching packages. The PIL program is just offered for individual couples, either in person or on the phone. Click here  for more information about both programs.


Astro-Ritual Coaching

Coaching is available in person or over the phone. We talk once a month for an hour, exploring how the movement of the cosmos highlights your personal birth chart, then create simple, powerful rituals to best utilize those energies. A perfect way to learn more about astrology and how to incorporate transformative ritual into your life! Email me and we can talk more about it.