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Deb holding her magical candle with glitter

Easing Gently into 2021

It’s been a rough beginning to the New Year for me, personally and globally. The terrorist attack in Washington on January 6th and the continuing news around it has been mind-and-heart numbing for all of us. Then I’ve had a few tough things to deal with closer to home, too. I was ready to curl [...]

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Couple snuggling with blankets and coffee mugs

How The January 12 New Moon In Capricorn Impacts Your Relationships

Capricorn New Moon energy is all about deepening the love for the one you’re with! What perfect timing it is that the Capricorn season (December 21 – January 19) carries us into the New Year! If you have some serious, hardworking Capricorn friends (or maybe you’re one yourself), you may be wondering how astrology says [...]

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