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Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius

Rise and shine with Love! How perfect — this amorous Full Moon falls directly on Valentine’s Day! Let it shine on you and your sweetie, then take him/her to Rise for Justice with OneBillionRising.org! Spirited Reflection: How can I take the love in my life and project it globally? Originally published: 2014

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Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn

Responsible Capricorn pushes us to get the work done, but water-y, emotional Cancer reminds us to be sure we’re also nurturing those we love — partners, families, SELF! — at the same time. Spirited Reflection: Who in your life needs a little extra TLC this week? Originally posted 01/14/2014

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Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Embrace Your Power & Anger

#InnerGoddessTeam Sekhmet is a lion headed solar goddess of fierceness. Celebrating Nov. 20th the day of Sekhmet and Nov. 24th a day for offerings Deb shares an invocation to Sekhmet Activate Sekhmet for fierce declaration of what you need or something you want to defend, Words associated with Sekhmet – solar energy, blood thirsty lion [...]

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