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The Most Magical Essential Oils According to Your Zodiac Sign

The good news is you don’t have to be an aromatherapy expert to tap into their magic! The science of aromatherapy and using essential oils seems to be all the rage nowadays, but the truth is that they’ve been with us for millennia. Cleopatra bathed in rose-scented baths, incense has burned in temples and church [...]

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Embracing the Groundhog As Your Spiritual Relationship Coach!

Really, the groundhog, you say?? We all know the story of Puxacatawny Phil who crawls out of his cozy burrow in Pennsylvania on February 2nd to act as a four-legged weather forecaster. If he sees his shadow, we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter…it might be one of the few times we can all fervently [...]

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How To Improve Your Sexual Satisfaction, According To Your Zodiac Sign

From differing sex drives to diverse fantasies, discover how to improve sexual satisfaction in your relationship based on the qualities of your zodiac sign. As any astrology buff knows, the position of each planet, as well as the sun, moon, and stars, can have a deep influence on human behavior. Each astrological or zodiac sign [...]

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