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Deb’s Picks for the Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon — Transforming Body & Soul

Happy May! Did you dance around any maypoles or frolic in the woods with your sweetie this week?! Just a few of the ancient traditions for the lusty, sensual Earth holy-day of May Day that marks this midway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice on the Wheel of the Year. (You can check out some other ways to celebrate May Day HERE and my oldie but goodie video as well.)

Actually, that true midpoint is May 5, which also happens to be the Scorpio Full Moon! Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by the planet Pluto, who was the god of the underworld. So we’re talking about deep, transformative juju here. Death and rebirth, confronting our deepest fears and wounds, and turning them into wisdom.

What do we need to excavate within ourselves to transmute pain into power, darkness to light, anxiety into acceptance?

This has already been a pretty transformative week for me personally, too, as we come down from our powerful 4thU Artivists’ benefit production this past weekend of “Sacred Wombs: Honoring Marginalized Birthing Bodies“. (That’s our amazing cast in the photo above!) It was the culmination of months and months of deep diving into the world of maternal healthcare inequities, and the ways that our country so dismally fails our women of color in their pregnancy and childbirth journeys, with maternal mortality rates for black women that are 3-4 times the rate for white women.

And of course, there are also mountains of logistics to manage in my job as Managing Director when presenting a theater production like this. I feel like my body and soul have gone through quantum shifts in the process, and hopefully the awareness and funds we’ve raised through our work can begin to transform these appalling numbers as well.

All that to say, I’m feeling sooo proud of our “Womb Warriors” and all those who supported us on this journey… AND pretty wiped out right now! I’m heading out to Kripalu Yoga Center for a few days, back in time for the Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon this Friday, May 5th. It’ll be the perfect place to de-compress, reflect, and rejuvenate.

So, I invite you to do that, too, as we approach this Full Moon coming up on Friday. Remember, the Sun is moving through earthy Taurus from April 19th–May 21st, which means you can literally EMBODY all this transformative energy and use it to ground yourself, to be fully present, and to create practical, tangible ways to nurture and sooth your whole being. Not a bad homework assignment, right? You’ll be with me in spirit at Kripalu 🙂

Oh, and did I mention it’s also a lunar eclipse?? Eclipses in general add a punch to any New Moon (solar eclipse) or Full Moon (lunar eclipse), further deepening the soul container for transformation. Definitely research this one and get details… it’s too delicious for me to do it justice here.

[And if you really want to dive into that earthy, sensual Taurus vibe, definitely tune into  I’ll be facilitating through the Wellness Universe on May 18th. Our theme will be “Celebrating our Beautiful Bodies” and I guarantee you’ll come away feeling more deeply connected to your sensuous, sexual self!]

But before then, be sure to join us for my upcoming Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon TeleMeditation this Friday, May 5th at Noon — click HERE for details on how to join us. And if you missed it, the link to the recording is HERE!

 Here are some transformative, Scorpio-inspired Picks…


This transformative show may be behind us, but our fabulous Creative Director, Erin Bigelow, has created a beautifully edited video that you can see for any size donation! The issue of maternal healthcare inequality is all over the news, more than ever — 60 Minutes just did a segment on it on Sunday, April 30th! Check out the 4thU Artivists’ website to make a donation so you can get the link to the private YouTube video of our powerful show and support our two beneficiaries: City of Joy and Women Deliver.

THE EMOTIONAL INSTITUTE w/ Bernadette Pleasant

Wow… Bernadette was one of our cast members for Sacred Wombs and I loved her energy. Then I went to her website and discovered what powerful, magic work she does! She’s a somatic (body-based) healer, galvanizing speaker, and the creatrix of Femme!, a mind-body wellness program, and 400 Years, a somatic-based anti-racism program. She offers private and group immersive healing experiences that have transformed the lives of thousands of people, helping them to release grief and trauma, and become more self-expressed and emotionally empowered. Definitely click on the link above and check out her site if you’re ready for some serious transformation!


How is this transformative, you might ask? If you do the research, you’ll discover all the ways that singing creates powerful changes in your body and mind. And I guarantee that listening to us will transport you as well! For our Spring concert, we’ll be presenting “Women Inspiring Tomorrow”, featuring five generations of women performing works ranging from classical to contemporary, all composed by women. And our special guests will be the young women of the Young People’s Chorus of NYC. We’ll be LIVE ONLY at the beautiful Gerald W. Lynch theater in NYC (sorry, no live-streaming option this time). Just go to our website  to learn more about us and get your tix there. Let me know if you’re coming!

PROMISE TO GAIA w/ Rachel Ginther

I’ve shared about Rachel’s beautiful retreat center, Garden of One, many times, as well as her cool new “seed-swap” site, LeeFee Market, and Promise to Gaia is yet another magical offering. Her mission is to “provide stewardship and sanctuary for the natural world to maintain its own balance with minimal interference from humans.” It really is sacred land that transforms body, mind, and soul. Check out her various sites & plan a visit, but even if you can’t, you can still support Gaia through her “Earth Merch”. I love my new cami and journal, emblazoned with 61 names of goddesses from around the world!

As we move through the “lusty month of May” (I so love that song from “Camelot”!), I hope you’ll take the time to explore some of these transformative resources on your own or with others. And let me know what else you find!

[First published in Deb’s Picks monthly newsletter on May 1, 2023]