Embracing the Elemental Magic of the Winter Solstice To Spice Up Your Love Life For All Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

Soak in the winter sun on the shortest day of the year

Snuggle with your sweetie on the longest night of the year

Plan extra cuddle time with your favorite person in these dark weeks before the Winter Solstice!

Are the days short enough for you yet? Could it FEEL any darker?? Beginning with the summer solstice, the sun rises and sets farther and farther south every day. Finally, thankfully, it stops its descent on Midwinter’s Eve – the Winter Solstice.

However, even though the Winter Solstice marks the return of the sun, it still won’t feel like it for another month or so.

But don’t despair! There are rich, powerful ways to tap into the energy of your zodiac sign according to astrology and embrace the energy of these deepest, darkest weeks of the year.

What happens in the heavens on the Winter Solstice and when does it occur?

The moment of the Winter Solstice falls on December 21st this year, although it can happen anytime between December 20th-23rd.

“Solstice” originates from the Latin solstitium: Sol meaning “sun” and “stit” meaning “stopped, stationary.” The word solstice literally means “sun stands still” and for 3 days before and after the Solstice moment, the Sun will rise and set at exactly the same time.

Scientifically speaking, the winter solstice begins when the sun crosses the Tropic of Capricorn at a latitude of 23°S and the Earth’s tilt away from the sun is at its greatest angle. That means that, at noon, the sun will be at its lowest point in the sky for the whole year, and sunset will be the earliest it ever is as well.

So, if you’re a sun-worshipper, things might be feeling pretty hopeless right now! But then, you can find plenty of distractions since we’re also in the midst of the most commercialized, extended shopping spree and party-time of the year, too. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re able to actually enjoy the beauty and spirit of the season?

Instead of resisting the dark, think about how you can tap into this powerful celestial event through your own astrological signature.

Let’s play with this idea elementally!

All of us humans, men and women alike, are physically, tangibly affected by the forces of nature every day in the form of weather patterns and disturbances — “the elements”, we call them.  We are alternately sunburned (fire), windblown (air), snowbound, (earth), waterlogged (water), frozen, blinded, cooled down, warmed up, and otherwise buffeted and caressed by the elemental forces.

The well-known psychologist, Carl Jung, was fascinated with astrology, writing that “science began with the stars, and mankind discovered in them the dominants of the unconscious, the ‘gods’, as well as the curious psychological qualities of the zodiac: a complete projected theory of human character”.

He then went on to explore those psychological indicators, using elemental metaphors to further understand our personal and collective psyches.

You don’t have to be an expert in archetypal studies to play with those elemental symbols, though.

Each zodiac sign embodies the energy of one of the four elements – fire, water, air and earth – and your birth chart reflects them all.

Let’s focus on your Sun sign in astrology to create some elemental magic for your love life and relationships during this winter solstice season.

  1. Solstice love magic for the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo)

Earth types love nature and can make accomplished gardeners or landscapers. They’re physical, sensate creatures who love to touch and be touched.  Their penchant for physical attachments, both to material things and for human contact, reflects a need for security at the deepest levels and, when they get what they want, they won’t let go.

If you’re creating Solstice magic for your own earth-y soul or with your partner, consider taking a bundled-up, romantic walk in the woods or a nearby park, quietly reflecting on what you love about the other. When you get home, warm each other up with some major cuddling and maybe a long, sensual full body massage!

  1. Solstice Magic for the Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

Air signs are the consummate “idea people” and problem-solvers.  They are intellectual, curious, and communicative on a good day, but vacillating, superficial, and detached on other days.  However, this detachment can also give them the ability to work with many different kinds of people and in fact, they are the most social of all the elemental types.

You have a few different options for bringing some air-infused energy to your Solstice observance. In the spirit of stimulating your brains, plan a game night with your sweetie – pull out Trivia Pursuit, or binge on past episodes of Jeopardy! Invite some friends and make it a party.

Or, to tap into the love of writing/speaking, go the other direction and use the deep, reflective energy of the Solstice to make a list of all the meaningful events of the past year that you’ve shared.

  1. Solstice Magic for the Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

Water personalities are receptive, responsive, nurturing and empathetic. Because they are so emotionally attuned to the outside world, they can literally feel things that can’t be explained which often makes them the most intuitive and psychically in tune of all the elemental types. With this ability to dive to the depths of the unconscious, they can be gifted therapists or psychics and inspired writers or artists.

Water-y energy fits perfectly with the introspective nature of the Winter Solstice – think of the metaphor, “still waters run deep”, and you get the picture. Definitely plan a luxurious bath with your partner, complete with soft music, lots of candles and essential oils.

As you’re snuggling together there, share your innermost fantasies and fears about your relationship. Be sure to really listen and speak from your hearts, and honor that vulnerability.

  1. Solstice Magic for the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The element of fire is associated with passion, enthusiasm and creativity. Fire-y people take action; they seize the initiative. They can be courageous, authoritative, and visionary on the one hand, but tyrannical, egocentric and impulsive on the other.  Fire types are idealistic, energetic and spirited, sometimes to the point of zealousness.

At first glance, it may not seem like the low-key, mellow vibe of the Solstice would be an easy fit for fire signs. Instead, you’d need to know that in ancient times, people created big bonfires and lit tons of candles to coax back the light of the Sun.

While you may not be able to create a bonfire (but more power to you if you can), you can definitely get a roaring fire going in your fireplace or fill your bedroom with candles — take the initiative and set the scene for some passionate love-making. Maybe even bring in some body paints to spark your creativity!

You can celebrate the Winter Solstice in alignment with your elemental nature, but you can also borrow from any of the other ideas that resonate with you since you have all the zodiac signs and elements represented in your birth chart.

Remember that the light of this winter solstice sun will only continue to grow over the coming months, and you’ll be complaining how hot it is in no time! However you decide to acknowledge the solstice, be sure to  take some time to honor the gifts of this dark, sacred time to bring more depth and meaning to your life and relationships.

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