How The January 12 New Moon In Capricorn Impacts Your Relationships

Couple snuggling with blankets and coffee mugs

Capricorn New Moon energy is all about deepening the love for the one you’re with!

What perfect timing it is that the Capricorn season (December 21 – January 19) carries us into the New Year!

If you have some serious, hardworking Capricorn friends (or maybe you’re one yourself), you may be wondering how astrology says that lunar energy fits with the party-hardy holiday vibe.

But step back a minute and think about the other big focus at this time of year — looking back at what you’ve accomplished over the past 12 months, making New Year’s resolutions and plotting your goals and intentions for the year ahead.

Capricorn is all about that!

When Is the January 2021 New Moon in Capricorn and how will its lunar energy affect all zodiac signs and their love horoscopes?

The New Moon in Capricorn is coming up on January 12, just days into the New Year.

That’s the perfect recipe for some powerful New Year’s goal-setting in all areas of your life, especially when it comes to love and relationships!

Capricorn New Moon Qualities

Every zodiac sign has its positive traits and not-so-positive traits. While it’s true that one of the challenging aspects of Capricorn energy is a tendency to lean toward over-working and being super-serious, these traits can also show up as being disciplined and dedicated.

And even though it’s the Capricorn way to be uber-careful, sometimes even plodding, on the path forward, Capricorn also possesses a real love of tradition and deep urge to protect and provide for those they love.

I wouldn’t mind someone like that in my corner, would you?

Additionally, Capricorn’s symbol is the sea goat — a mountain goat with a fish’s tail — which perfectly symbolizes their slow, steady, but determined and sure-footed climb to the top.

That ambition can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it can result in a hyper-focus on achieving success at the expense of family and friends. On the other hand, those same loved ones will be well-taken care of when the goat makes it to the top of that mountain.

So, how can you use all that complex energy to conjure up some powerful Capricorn New Moon lunar love magic for yourself and your partner on January 12?

The first step is to gather a toolkit full of items associated with Capricorn energy, including the following:

  • Elemental energy: Earth
  • Colors: strong neutral colors, grays and browns
  • Gemstones: amber, onyx
  • Flowers: carnation, cyclamen, geranium
  • Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, tea tree, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood
  • Music: Chicago-style jazz (the “hurtin” kind); classical opera
  • Food/Drink: traditional, home-cooked food; bitter or solid full-bodied food/wine (dark chocolate, Manhattan cocktail)

If you really want to pack your toolkit to the brim, you can also research some Capricorn-themed movies, books, clothes, animals, and places in nature.

The list is endless (thank goodness for Google), so focus on whatever you and your partner feel most drawn to explore.

In order to most powerfully capture the intention-setting, “planting seeds” energy of the New Moon itself, it’s best to activate it sometime within 3 days before or after the actual date of January 12th.

But remember the Sun is in Capricorn until January 19, so you can tap into it to a lesser degree any time before then as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if either you and/or your partner are a Capricorn by birth, or if your moon is in Capricorn, you’ll get a nice double whammy of Capricorn New Moon energy to help you along with whatever you decide to do!

Now that you’ve got some ideas about when and how to tap into January 2021’s New Moon love magic, here are 5 ideas for things to do as a couple to deepen your romantic relationship during Capricorn season.

1. Take a virtual ‘success” workshop together

This may sound a little cerebral, but remember, Capricorn aspires to great things and loves concrete strategies to take you there. Besides, the emphasis is on making it a joint venture, and any personal growth and self-discovery work you each can do together can only enrich your relationship.

One of the best known names in the “success business” is Tony Robbins, so you should definitely check out his program, Unleash the Power Within. The only caveat is that his hyper-kinetic energy might be a bit overwhelming for this more grounded Capricorn New Moon time. Be sure to watch some of his videos beforehand and see if it feels like a fit for you and your partner.

Another option is Maria Nemeth’s Mastering Life’s Energies workshop that offers practical, values-based tools for personal transformation and change management… Capricorn loves all parts of that description and you get the opportunity to experience big personal breakthroughs with the support of your sweetie!

2. Volunteer for a community-enhancing project together.

Again, the key word here is “together” and at the same time, volunteer work like this reflects Capricorn’s need to do useful, worthwhile work in the world.

Highlighting very literally Capricorn’s penchant for structure and foundation-building, look into what projects Habitat for Humanity has going in your area. Habitat’s primary mission is to partner with people in local communities, and all over the world, to help them build or improve a place they can call home.

Obviously, many of their projects have been curtailed by Covid-19, so check your local chapter and find out what’s available

Whatever you decide, you’ll find that doing meaningful, satisfying work with your partner is definitely a relationship-booster.

And by the way, singles, it can also be a great place to find someone with like-minded values! My brother and sister-in-law met at one such community project over 20 years ago and still enjoy doing that kind of volunteer work together.

3. Visit a favorite museum, online or “live”.

You have lots of choices here, but you probably don’t want to start with the Museum of Sex — save that for one of the more fire-y New Moons like Leo or Aires! Not that earthy Capricorn energy can’t be sexy, but it goes more in the direction of hunkering down in bed for a quiet weekend (more about that later).

Instead, use this New Moon to re-acquaint yourselves with the “Old Masters” in art history – da Vinci, Rembrandt, Raphael, and other seminal figures in Western art. At its core, Capricorn is conservative and loves tradition, and you’ll find these classic artists in every city, from the massive Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in New York City, to the beautiful, smaller Galleria Borghese in Rome.

If you’re lucky enough to have a terrific local museum, be sure to check their admission restrictions right now and plan ahead. And don’t just wander through — to satisfy Cap’s desire for order and structure, be sure to book a guided tour for whatever exhibit you choose, either with a docent of the museum or just a self-guided one. It may take a little longer to go through (in typical, careful Capricorn style), but you’ll savor these iconic works of art all the more for it.

4. Commit to working through a relationship book or two together.

With the Capricorn New Moon falling in the first few weeks of the New Year on January 12th, you’ve got the perfect launching pad to create new intentions for working on your relationship over the next year.

There are many terrific books for couples and two of my favorites – classic themselves — are John Gottman’s “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” and Harville Hendrix’s “Getting the Love You Want”. Both fit the Capricorn bill of having a structured program to work through which you can also do in one of their virtual couples’ workshops. Check out their sites and see what resonates with the two of you.

And if you’re not sure you’ll have the discipline to keep working the program together after the Capricorn season has passed, consider finding a Couples Coach. Many of us have our own programs we take couples through, complete with workbooks and homework to do between sessions.

5. Escape to a romantic mountaintop resort.

Finally, you say… we’re getting to the juicy stuff! Well, as juicy as Capricorn gets.

Again, your choices may be limited by the pandemic, but there are still great options out there. In the spirit of Cap’s mountain goat, and embracing the earth-y energy it embodies, pick some place you can hike together. Mohonk Mountain House in New York’s Hudson Valley is a perfect place, or there are lots of cozy AirBnB choices available, too.

Whether you actually ski or hike or not, you still have the whole snuggle vibe happening, so be sure to bring a bunch of goodies from your Capricorn lunar love toolkit. Maybe some soft grey or brown candles, essential oils for massage, a full-bodied red wine and some strong dark chocolate to feed each other.

If you can find an intimate little restaurant with great homestyle cooking, hide away in a corner there. Or room service in bed is a cozy alternative, with a playlist of soulful jazz (maybe Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness), or love songs that speak to devotion like “Faithfully” by Journey or Ben E. King’s classic, Stand by Me.

While it’s true that Capricorn’s rep isn’t the sexiest of all the zodiac signs, it is one of the most loyal and devoted. And that goes a long way in creating some powerful Capricorn New Moon love magic with your partner.

Take advantage of the hibernating energy this time of year invokes and find sweet, quiet ways to enjoy each other.

And singles, remember that all of these activities and suggestions are ones that you can use to nurture yourself during this Capricorn season, so you can be ready for new love to show up in your life!

Hi, I’m Deborah Roth, a Life and Relationship Coach, and also a Counseling Astrologer and Interfaith Minister. My Master’s thesis was on the power of transformative ritual and I love designing creative, meaningful rituals for individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body and spirit, and enhance their relationships.You can email me at to schedule an introductory coaching session and learn more about how to integrate rituals and New Moon energy into your life!