How The March 2021 New Moon In Pisces Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships

Bright crescent moon over ocean

The Pisces New Moon is all about tapping into your sensitive soul for romantic inspiration!

One of my favorite astrology jokes (yes, there is such a thing) is Pisces-themed:

Q: What did the guru say to the hot dog vendor?

A: Make me one with everything!

That so captures the spiritual energy of Pisces. And there’s so much more to this deep, water-y zodiac sign that you can play with to enhance your love life.

When is the March New Moon in Pisces and how will its lunar energy affect all of the zodiac signs?

The New Moon arrives on March 13th, and when both the Sun and the Moon meet in Pisces on that day, you’ve got a perfect recipe for some deep soul-searching.

The Pisces “season” actually runs from February 18th until March 20th, so you can always tap into that energy anytime during that period, but you’ll get an extra dose in the 2-3 days before and after the New Moon itself.

And if you’re a Pisces by birth, in a relationship with one, or if either of your moon signs is in Pisces, you’ll get yet another hit of that lunar love magic whatever you decide to do.

Pisces New Moon Qualities

New Moons in general present a wonderful opportunity for you to go within, reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going. But the New Moon in Pisces, like the other water signs, Scorpio and Cancer, offers a particularly powerful diving board from which to plunge into your psyche.

It certainly helps that in astrology, Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, the Roman god of the Sea, and considered to be a planet of inspiration, intuition, and imagination. Like his brother Pluto (the god of the underworld and ruler of another water sign, Scorpio), Neptune coaxes us to look at our deepest urges and unconscious motivations, but through our dreams and fantasies.

Haven’t you known some Piscean souls who are super-sensitive and dreamy… maybe even flakey? Yes, that’s definitely one of the downsides of this zodiac sign (and all signs have their challenges, along with their gifts). I sometimes call Neptune the planet of “illusion, delusion and confusion”… the result of too much time with those rose-colored glasses on, or not grounding your spiritual explorations with some practical ones.

On the other hand, Pisces energy can trigger your imagination, bring out your inner artist, and compel you to selfless acts of service… or at the very least help you feel more compassion for people in your life who usually annoy you!

So, how can you use the flow-y, loving energy of the upcoming New Moon in Pisces to deepen your intimate relationships?

With any intentional New Moon work, it’s always helpful to know which symbols and associations to draw on.  Here are a few to get you started in creating your magical Pisces toolkit:

  • Elemental energy: Water
  • Colors: sea green
  • Gemstones: aquamarine and coral
  • Flowers: water lily, orchid
  • Essential Oils: lavender, sandalwood, jasmine
  • Music: String instruments and the piano; new age, chants
  • Food/Drink: melon, seaweed, fish, sushi (water-based or watery foods)

If you really want to pack your lunar love toolkit to the brim, you can also research Pisces-themed movies, books, clothes, animals, places in nature, etc. The list is endless, depending on what you’re drawn to explore.

Keeping the idea of all things deep and dreamy as your guides, you can go in any of several directions in order to find activities and environments that capture the gentle, compassionate Pisces energy.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started conjuring up some sensitive Pisces New Moon love magic on or around March 13th, 2021.

1. Explore Tarot or other divination tools to look at your love life or relationship.

This may be a little far-out for you or your partner, but then again, you’re reading something about New Moon love magic! The famous psychologist Carl Jung actually loved the Tarot and felt it’s images were a pathway to the “collective unconscious”. He believed that the answers to all of our questions were present somewhere in the universe (how Piscean is that?!) and we just have to be open to how we receive those answers.

My suggestion with the Tarot is to phrase general questions… “What do I need to know about…” or “How can we best support each other through this tough time?” You can certainly see a professional Tarot reader (make sure you get a recommendation), but don’t be afraid to play with it yourself.

2. Engage in gentle, flowing kinds of exercise together.

The Pisces New Moon isn’t generally a time when you’ll be inspired to climb mountains, run a marathon, or engage in hyper-kinetic activities. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t get your body moving and even get a little aerobic workout.

An obvious one for the water-y Pisces time would be swimming, but you can also capitalize on the flow-y vibe metaphorically with gentle yoga or a vinyasa flow yoga class. If you’re a gym rat and your local gym has re-opened, you can ease into a nice flowing rhythm with the elliptical while also getting some good cardio training. And when you’re done, cap it all off with a visit to the hot tub or steam room to round out your “fluid” Pisces exercise experience!

3. Book a couple’s floatation tank therapy session.

Floatation tanks, sometime called isolation tanks or sensory deprivation tanks, are actually a perfect blend of several Pisces activities. Basically, you float in a dark, soundproof container filled with salt water, perfectly calibrated at skin temperature and emerge 45 minutes or so later de-stressed and refreshed.

The idea is to let yourself completely surrender to the experience and enter a deep meditative place (more Pisces energy being triggered here). There are couples floatation centers around, but the consensus seems to be that you get distracted floating there together and it’s actually more powerful to do it separately and share your experiences afterwards.

4. Make a reservation at your favorite seafood restaurant.

You can plan your dinner before or after your flotation tank visit and create a whole Piscean extravaganza! Fish carry powerful symbolism in many cultures, representing good luck, fertility, abundance, serenity and strength, to name just a few associations.

Whether you’re enjoying a lobster-fest or sushi restaurant (eat-in or take-out), consider connecting even more deeply to Neptune’s realm by talking about your dreams and fantasies over your meal. Then, you can top it off with a yummy, inspired dessert concoction! Artistic Pisces loves all things colorful and creative… tiramisu, a rich chocolate mousse, or even ice cream with sprinkles are great choices.

5. Create an inviting Pisces love nest in your bedroom.

If you’ve shared some x-rated fantasies over dinner, now is the time to put them into action! Prepare your  love nest before you go out – place sea green and blue candles around your bed (maybe even floating candles), get some lavender and jasmine massage lotion ready, and create your playlist.  Daydream Believer by the Monkees, Wesflife’s I Have a Dream or Handel’s Water Music are perfect Pisces music selections.

Every zodiac sign is connected with a different part of your body – Pisces rules the feet, so definitely start with a little foot massage.  Then, of course, a bath for two with luxurious bath salts is a no-brainer for this water-y New Moon… be sure there are lots of candles around the tub, too. Finally, when you’re all soft and mellow, you’re ready for some sweet, romantic love-making… save your rambunctious monkey sex for next month’s Aries New Moon!

Keeping the idea of all things deep and dreamy as your guides, you can go in many directions in order to find activities and environments that capture the gentle, compassionate Pisces energy, whether you’re single or partnered.

Just be sure to include a mix of practical and magical ideas so you’re not floating off to be “one with everything” like our Pisces guru, instead of firmly grounded in your sweetie’s arms!