Magical Fall Equinox Rituals To Re-charge Your Love Life For All Zodiac Signs According to Astrology

Reveling in Autumn

Moving from Summer into Fall

Get ready to embrace the energy of the Fall Equinox!

How are you managing the post-Labor Day shift from the light-filled, playful energy of the summer, to the more purposeful structures and routines of the Fall? Kind of tough sometimes, isn’t it?

Depending on your zodiac sign, you can ease that transition by better understanding the energy of the Fall Equinox and how to use it to enhance your life and relationships.

Every change of season prompts us to go within and reflect, to pause and review our lives. This particular point on the Wheel of the Year marks the time between the expansive activity of the summer to the slower, hibernating vibe of the winter. And at the Spring, or Vernal, Equinox, you have the opportunity to consider how you want to emerge from winter’s deep, inward energy to set intentions and goals for the next round of the Wheel.

When is the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox this year?

According to astrology, it’s when the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Libra. This year it falls on September 23rd but can occur any time between September 21st and 24th.

Scientifically speaking, the Fall Equinox begins when the sun crosses the “celestial equator” which is the imaginary line when the Earth’s equator is projected into the sky. At that moment, both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will receive an equal amount of sunshine – the hours of daylight will equal the hours of night, hence the name “equi-nox”.

“Equinox” originates from aequus, the Latin word for “equal,” and nox, the Latin word for “night”. So this is a powerful time to embrace the theme of balance in all areas of your life – dark and light, masculine, active energy and feminine, receptive energy, inner contemplation and outer activity.

Since ancient times, cultures all over the world have celebrated the Fall Equinox as the “second harvest”. Most of the crops have been taken in and it is a time to give thanks for the abundance of the Earth, and to express gratitude for all good things in your life.

Interestingly, our American Thanksgiving was originally celebrated on October 3rd which makes more sense agriculturally, but it was subsequently changed a few times until we arrived at our current date of the fourth Thursday in November.

So, how can you harness this rich Equinox magic to bring more balance and express more gratitude in your life and relationships?

If you have access to your astrological birth chart, you can look to see what “house” the Fall Equinox falls in. Remember, it kicks in when the sun enters the sign of Libra, so you’ll find where 0° Libra is in your natal chart.

That will give you an idea of what area of your life you might want to bring a little more balance to this month.

Another way to plan your own Equinox celebration is to look at your, and/or your partner’s, “sun sign” — that’s the zodiac sign you were born under.

If you’re single, you might get some hints on how to ratchet up your relationship quest, and if you’re coupled, you and your sweetie can plan your own personal well-balanced date!

Whatever you do, start by creating sacred space with powerful symbols and a strong intention, then whatever you do there become magical by default.

Here’s how you can practice a Fall Equinox ritual according to your zodiac sign:

1. Equinox magic for Libra

The Equinox is yours, Libra! Your zodiac symbol is the scales, which means you value balance and fairness, so Equinox energy is natural to you.

Take some time to create sacred space with Libra-inspired colors (pastel blues and pinks), aromatherapy (bergamot or basil oil) and music (wind instruments since you’re an Air sign).

Invite your partner into your Libra circle (or a treasured friend if you’re single) and reflect for a few moments on what’s out of balance in your life — Libras thrive in partnership, so don’t do this one alone. Then share what bubbled up, heart-storming ways you can get back on track.

2. Equinox magic for Scorpio

As a water sign, you’re inclined to go deep to begin with, and that instinct will serve you well as you move from the sun-filled months to the dark, inward ones.

Your ritual space can be infused with deep red and maroon, chrysanthemums, and ylang-ylang or patchouli oil. Then tap into your Scorpio intensity to examine your relationship with power and passion. Has the balance of power gotten out of synch in any of your significant relationships? Are you giving away your own power to appease someone else, or conversely, being too much of a control freak?

This can be a dicey conversation to have with your intimate partner, but remember, baring your soul will only enhance your love-making and feelings of connection which are equally important to your passionate Scorpio soul.

3. Equinox magic for Sagittarius

Sag’s expansive, fun-loving nature isn’t going to be conducive to an intimate, personal ritual, so get outside, invite some friends over and build a bonfire – that’s how they celebrated the Equinox in ancient times!

You can still create some powerful Equinox magic there, too, along with the dancing and singing and marshmallow roasting. Wear purple (and invite everyone to wear their zodiac color as well) and throw some Sag-themed herbs and flowers on the fire, like geraniums, rosemary, or jasmine.

Then dance around the fire to some wild, free-spirited music, shouting out what you’re most grateful for from the summer and what adventures you have planned for the Fall!

4. Equinox magic for Capricorn

Never one to take life lightly, you can use the Equinox energy to plot your intentions and goals for the Fall and beyond, or maybe invite some friends over for a quiet night of visioning as well.

Your Capricorn discipline and love of structure might even nudge you to set up regularly scheduled dates with your sweetie to support each other in bringing balance to your relationship. Harville Hendrix’s Getting the Love You Want offers great exercises to work through.

Be sure to fill your sacred study space with Capricorn grays and browns, burn some tea tree or chamomile essential oil, and maybe bless a little piece of amber (representing Cap’s earthy energy) for each of you as a symbol of your commitment to working on your relationship.

5. Equinox magic for Aquarius

The rebellious, eccentric, “gotta-be-me” vibe of Aquarius demands you do something a little different to acknowledge the Equinox. And since Aquarius is another one of those sociable air signs (like Gemini and Libra), you’ll definitely want to invite some friends to help you create your Fall Equinox relationship ritual… that idea alone may be far-out enough for some of them!

Adorn your sacred space with bright blues and sky blues and play some fusion jazz. When they arrive, spritz them with some water infused with lemon or peppermint oil and offer them a gladiola flower.

Invite everyone to share what they’re thankful for from the summer months, and what they’re looking forward to bringing to fruition or “harvesting” as they move into Fall.

6. Solstice magic for Pisces

Like the other water signs, you Neptune-ruled Pisceans are built for deep psyche-diving and tapping into your imagination. You’re the perfect sign to create an intimate ritual that honors your sensitivity, intuition, and compassion.

With your natural artistic flair, conjure up sacred space with water colors, coral and aquamarine crystals,  and new age music. Then play with non-verbal ways to invoke the energies of balance and gratitude.

Try yoga poses for balance, like tree pose or Warrior III. Then bring yourself into a meditative exploration of whatever areas in your life or relationships have gotten out of synch. When you re-emerge, write your reflections in your journal, and throw in a few sweet things that you’re grateful for,

7. Equinox magic for Aries

One of my favorite all-purpose rituals is candle magic, which is a perfect one for fire-y, flash-y Aries…and a great way to create a mini Fall Equinox “bonfire” if the big kind isn’t possible!

This is definitely a fun one to do with your partner. You’ll each need a 3″ or 6″ pillar (fat) candle and a pen or big nail. Sitting on your lush red bedspread (a nice towel will do), with tiger lilies surrounding you, the two of you can first share what you’re most grateful about the other.

Using the pen or nail, carve those “gratitudes” into your candle, then anoint your candles with a blend of lavender, frankincense and rosemary oils, and maybe even some glitter. Trade candles so that you’re holding the one filled with their fire-y love for you, and vice versa.

Now light them and go make inspired, adventurous love in true Aries fashion!

8.  Equinox magic for Taurus

Your earth-y, sensual Taurus energy urges you to get outside to celebrate the Equinox, even if you can’t manage a full-blown bonfire.

Grab your sweetie and a green tablecloth, massage oil infused with ylang-ylang and patchouli oils (the go-to sensual oils), and maybe some drumming music. Be sure to pack a picnic basket filled with lots of harvest goodies – whole grain bread, autumn fruits and vegies like squash and baked apples, and of course, wine (representing grapes from that 2nd harvest of old),

Enjoy your feast first while you talk about your favorite memories from the summer and what you’re looking forward to in the Fall. Then give each other yummy hand and/or feet massages before you settle into your picnic cloth for some extended snuggling, held in the lap of Mother Earth!

9.  Equinox magic for Gemini

Gemini loves to communicate… by talking, writing, you name it. So, call on the balanced energy of the Equinox to support you in opening a conversation with your partner that you might be nervous to explore.

Were there some relationship issues that came up during the summer that you want to clear up as you head into the Fall? Are you yourself feeling out of sorts and wanting some extra support as you gear up for new projects ahead of you?

Create sacred space with your partner, bringing in some lilies of the valley and wearing a little yellow (Gemini’s flower and color), maybe burn geranium or jasmine essential oil to open your throat chakras and enter the conversation with a sense of curiosity.

Or if you’ve been “in the flow” with each other, just write each other love letters in that sacred space! Pulling those out when things are not flowing so well is definitely a lovely re-balancing hack.

10.  Equinox magic for Cancer

Cancers are sensitive, home-loving souls, so you want to be really intentional about preparing your nurturing, gently balanced “nest” as you move into the Fall… especially since you’ll be spending more and more time inside as the weather gets colder.

Maybe you can create a permanent sacred space where you can retreat to (in true Cancer crab fashion) in some corner of the house. Cancer’s colors are silvery blue or smokey grey, so bringing in any white flowers, pearls or moonstones will feel soothing. Add a bowl of dried lavender and soft piano music and you’ve got the perfect space for a personalized Fall Equinox ritual.

Invite your partner into this space (or re-create it in your bedroom with the symbols of their zodiac sign as well), and spend some cuddling time talking about other ways to bring your home into alignment with both of your needs and wishes.

11.  Equinox magic for Leo

Honoring your creative self-expression is a favorite focus for you playful Leos. I often refer to ritual as “sacred play” because of its use of symbols, and the imagination it takes to use those symbols in powerful, meaningful ways. So go to town with your Equinox celebration!

Set up your sacred space with lots of orange, red and gold, bring in marigolds or sunflowers, and get some aromatherapy going with garlic or ginger oil (yes, those two really are essential oils). You can crank up the energy with some lively dance music, or to really bring out your inner child, some favorite kids tunes.

Now you’re ready for some magical arts and crafts! Bring in your partner, your kids, or just get creative on your own. Collect colorful autumn leaves, gourds, acorns and other harvest symbols (corn husks, dried apples) and make baskets or collages to decorate your home.

In the spirit of giving thanks, you could also write all the things you’re grateful for from the summer on a gourd or pumpkin. Have fun with it!

12.  Equinox magic for Virgo

Like your earth-y Capricorn cousin, you’ll want to observe the Fall Equinox in a more structured, focused way. You discriminating Virgos want a celebration that’s well thought-out with clear intention and purpose.

Start by creating your ritual space with the colors, symbols, essential oils, etc that are typically associated with your zodiac sign. Those would be – navy blue and beige, morning glories and asters, thyme and grapefruit (yes, you can eat them, but they’re also essential oils). Put on some earthy, mellow music – soul or R&B (Marvin Gaye or Barry White are good choices),

Being the health-conscious soul that you are, you might declare the intention for your ritual to re-commit to a practice of self-care – certainly in alignment with the Equinox focus of bringing balance to your life and relationships. Sit in meditation and contemplate what specific actions you can take to re-align your whole being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Then write them all down and post them prominently to keep you on target!

You can create your Fall Equinox rituals perfectly in alignment with your sun sign, but you can also borrow from any of the other ideas that resonate with you since you have all of the zodiac signs somewhere in your birth chart.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that you can always carry that sense of harmony and balance within you, even as the hours of sunlight continue to fade. Be sure to be intentional with your well-balanced, thankful Equinox magic so you can tap into that energy when you really need it!

Hi, I’m Deborah Roth, a Life and Relationship Coach, and also a Counseling Astrologer and Interfaith Minister. I lead women’s New Moon Circles and Full Moon TeleMeditations every month and love supporting individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body and spirit, and enhance their relationships. You can learn more about my work HERE or email me at to schedule an introductory coaching session.