The process of creating a book is a journey in itself – an amazing blend of right-brained creativity and left-brained research and organization. Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a SELF-Centered Woman grew out of a desire to transform the “academic” writing (footnotes and all!) in my Master’s thesis on the transformative power of women’s ritual, into something more user-friendly and practical. The Authentic Woman Seasonal Play Books were developed more organically and collaboratively with two dear coach friends. Both writing experiences were powerful in their own ways and both reflect my deep commitment to and passion for re-connecting women with their most divinely feminine selves. I hope you’ll explore each of them… I’d love to hear your thoughts!.


Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman (E-Book)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, under-nurtured, or just plain tired?

Do you ever want to let go, kick back or head for the hills?

What would life be like if you could reconnect with your passion, your purpose, your feminine power? What would you say if I told you that’s it’s all just a few cycles away?

It continues to amaze me, that in my 17 years of coaching, I’ve worked with hundreds of women who simply don’t take the time, feel they deserve the time, or even know how to practice the art of self-care. In fact, all my work with clients now begins by teaching them how to create a foundation of what I call “sacred Self-centeredness“.

Yes… I’m talking about becoming SELF- Centered. With grace and passion. A radical idea. Being SELF- Centered does NOT mean being selfish read more.


Circle of OneCircle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman

is the user friendly guide you’ve been yearning for to help you reconnect with that feminine power that has always been yours, inside of you, at your Center.

Price: $9.97


The Authentic Woman Seasonal Play Books

A creative feminine treasure map, complete with revelations and reflections about 13 aspects of our divine feminine nature, along with exquisitely outlined mandalas representing each femtype, just waiting for you to color and claim as your own. There’s even a bonus coloring book at the end to allow for multiple variations of each, to suit your endless creative inclinations. There are four Playbooks, one for each season, to meander through over the course of the year..

Filled with wisdom, companionship, support, guidance, fun, and lots of love, each of these guidebooks invites you on a journey in search of precious treasure. They tempt you to question, to wonder, to journal, to share… all in your own dynamic technicolor! The fortune you are promised to discover is the Authentic Woman that you are.

. ..

coverwinter-amDaily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine/Winter Season

Begin with the Winter season to dig deep into your womanly realms. In this season of longer nights and opportunities for reflective time curled up under covers or in front of a fire, allow yourself to explore your inner knowings and inklings. Instant delivery via Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download. .

Price: $7.77



coverspring-amDaily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine/Spring Season

Enter into the Spring season to sow the seeds of your most Authentic Self in this moment. At this time of new beginnings, spend reflective time exploring what it is that wants to germinate and grow.
Instant delivery via Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download. .

Price: $7.77

coversummer-amDaily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine/Summer Season

Dive into the Summer season to experience the fullness and lushness of your most Authentic Self. Bring to the surface your own wisdom and wonderment of who you are now.

Instant delivery via Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download. .

Price: $7.77

coverfall-amDaily Discoverings of Your Divine Feminine/Fall Season

Wander through the Fall season to reap the harvest of both your carefully planned and carelessly playful meanderings of the past several months. Now is the time to gather and cull the wisdom that is waiting for you to discover in Life and in the pages of your journal.

Instant delivery via Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download.

Price: $7.77





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