Altar able with red cloth candles, flowers and bowl of water

Deb’s Picks for the Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon — What To Do When Life Quiets Down

(HINT: it has nothing to do with doing)

Last month, I ‘fessed up that I was feeling tender in the midst of wonderful 40th birthday celebrations for our son, as well as some letdown after our Spring Artivists show and SoHarmoniums concert. All things I’d been eagerly anticipating for months.

Well, life is now settling into a sweeter, slower speed as we head into summer (at least for me) — as it should be! I know this, as a lover of all things cyclical… the moon, the seasons, the Sun through the cosmos. (That’s the altar above for our Summer Solstice service at 4thU that I co-facilitated on the 21st). But still, I find myself resisting the pull to look for new projects to fill the open space and time.

Then, that old cliché (cliché cuz it’s so true, right?!) keeps popping into my head — “remember, we’re human BEings, not human DOings.” And I’m allowing myself to fall more into a place of “being-ness”.

For me, that means taking time to sit quietly and reflect on who I am and who I want to be. I’m a social creature who also needs ample alone time… what I call “sanctuary time”. I’ve planned calls and walks with friends who I hadn’t seen much of during my “doing” months, but never conflicting with my “morning meds” (see my blog on that from January 2022).

I want to incorporate more singing into my daily life, especially since the SoHarmoniums are off for the summer. So, I’ve added some of my favorite chants back into my daily meditation practice (those “morning meds”). Just a few examples, but it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering.

How about you? How can you be more honoring of who you are, who you BE, this summer?

What do you need more of or less of to feel more grounded?

At first glance, the energies of the Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon coming up on July 3rd may not feel very aligned with that exploration of your “being-ness”. Capricorn energy is one of the most hard-working of the zodiac — disciplined, focused, super-responsible and ready to get the job done. But that’s where the beauty of the Full Moon comes in — there’s always the interplay of the opposite zodiac sign to consider… in this case, it’s Cancer.

The Sun is moving through water-y, intuitive, emotional Cancer from June 21st to July 22nd. which means you’ll be drawn to dive deep into your feelings to explore what needs to be healed, restored, and/or evolved. Cancer also invites us to gently examine our innermost values, our truest self, and where we feel the most at home, within ourselves and in the world.

And with the Moon in Capricorn, we have a powerful container in which to observe and discern what we most need in order to align with our soul-spark... what I call our “Circle of One”, the essence of who we are. (For more on that, you can check out my book, “Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a SELF-Centered Woman”)

[And if you really want to dive into that deep, nurturing vibe, definitely tune into  I’ll be facilitating through the Wellness Universe AND live in Central Park on Monday, July 17th. Our theme will be “Making Home a Sacred Space” when we’ll explore how we can create a sense of sanctuary in both our inner and outer homes.

But before then, be sure to join us for my upcoming Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon TeleMeditation next Wed., July 5th at Noon ET (I didn’t want to do it in the middle of the holiday weekend) — click HERE for details on how to join us. Hope to “hear” you then! (And if you miss it, contact me and I’ll send you the recording, or look for it on Facebook & Instagram)

Here are this month’s Picks, to hopefully support you on your path to BEing-ness this summer:


I don’t usually respond to random requests for interviews, but with a name like “MysticMag”, I couldn’t resist! (I found out later that it’s also a resource for people looking for psychics which I certainly don’t consider myself, but you can definitely check that out, too.) Katarina, the interviewer, asked great questions and wrote a very flattering introduction, so the whole experience was fun and interesting.

I definitely got to BE my whole self in the process! Click on the link above and let me know what you think.


I’ve loved Maggie’s energy from our first encounter! She’s another one of the “Expert Leaders” in the Wellness Universe’s (WU) Wellness for All programming I’ve been offering my virtual New Moon SisterCircies through since last September. Maggie is a Personal Growth Expert and Askashic Records consultant and you can sign up for her 6-month Personal Evolution Course at WU HERE. I recently had a terrific one-on-one call with her just to hear more about everything she does (it’s a LOT!) and will be having my own Akashic Records reading with her this week! Definitely click on the title above to check out her website or go to her WU page.


Merrilyn is another fabulous networking colleague I re-connected with recently. I’ve had my own virtual assistants over the years, and Merrilyn has a whole team of them, ready to help streamline your life and your work. The more we talked, the more I realized how perfectly her work fits into this month’s “being/doing” theme. Her team literally does all the “doing” you need to be more productive so you can focus on what you’re most passionate about and can just BE! Definitely check her out.


Hope is a special friend and another one of those multi-faceted spiritual teachers, healers and intuitive counselors. She leads spiritual retreats to amazing places (and actually has one spot left for her Scotland trip in September)free channeled meditations on Monday nights, and is about to release her book about the Infinity Wave in the next few months.

I’ve read the galleys of her book and it’s wonderful — The Infinity Wave: Mastering the Art of Love, Compassion, and Flow. She traces the origins of the Infinity Wave in her life, starting with a series of visions in 2010, to all the practical and magical ways you can access it’s energy in your own life. I have images of them all over my office now! Talk about BEING in a place of Oneness. Click on all the links here to get a taste of Hope’s beautiful energy and all of her many powerful offerings.


I’ve shared alot in my Deb’s Picks about the powerful Mental Fitness coaching I’ve been doing since being trained in the Positive Intelligence coaching model. When you’re stressed out and hijacked by your gremlins (known in PQ as your Saboteurs), it’s your Sage brain that reminds you to stop, breathe, and BE. Just like a gym, there are PQ “reps” you can do to strengthen your Mental Fitness muscle and if you want to learn how to do that, click HERE, take the Saboteur assessment, and then email me to sign up for my next PQ POD!

I hope you’re easing into summer the way I am, and that some of these Picks can help with that slide! And of course, I’d love to hear about the ways that you’re embracing the energy of BEing right now, while not getting completely swept away by all the things we get to DO in these lovely, light-filled summer months.

With warm summer blessings, Deborah