Easing Gently into 2021

Deb holding her magical candle with glitter

It’s been a rough beginning to the New Year for me, personally and globally. The terrorist attack in Washington on January 6th and the continuing news around it has been mind-and-heart numbing for all of us. Then I’ve had a few tough things to deal with closer to home, too. I was ready to curl up in my cave and hibernate for the rest of the winter.

But we soldier on, don’t we? I wasn’t sure I could pull off my Goddess Team meditation on Facebook Live that evening, but I did and it ended up actually soothing me and apparently lots of other people, too. (You can see it on my YouTube channel if we’re not friends on Facebook.)

Then on the 12th, I led my annual Candle Magic New Moon Circle when we set our intentions for the New Year… odd to do it virtually cuz I usually bring lots of magical arts and crafts supplies for everyone, but we made it work. (It’s not too late to do it yourself — check out my Candle Magic article at the Wellness Universe!

Before we do that intention-setting, though, we always share what we’re grateful for from the past year and I was profoundly moved to hear everyone’s stories about where they found light in the darkness in 2020. We are resilient creatures, we humans. Of course, everything is always more fun anyway with glitter which I had plenty of, even sitting alone in my office… and now I have lots of it still sparkling on my rug! I’m not cleaning it up any time soon.

What are you feeling grateful for right now? Where is the “glitter” in your life? Now more than ever it’s important to tap into our inner light and to beam it out to others. How are you planning to do that in 2021?

I’d love to heart-storm with you about your vision for 2021 – reach out if that sounds good to you, too!