How The February 2021 New Moon In Aquarius Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships

Couple embracing on mountain under crescent moon

If you’ve been looking to astrology and the stars for a cosmic boost to shake up your love life, February’s upcoming New Moon in Aquarius is it!

In general, New Moons are a great time for reflecting on what’s working — and what’s not — in your relationships, as well as for setting intentions regarding how you want to move forward.

When Is the February 2021 New Moon in Aquarius, and how will its lunar energy affect all zodiac signs and their love horoscopes?

The next New Moon of this calendar year arrives on Thursday, February 11.

Aquarius is all about looking ahead and making any changes necessary for taking you where you want to be, but this Moon packs an extra punch because there are actually 5 other planets moving through Aquarius in the month of February!

How can you not call on that energy to conjure up some spice-y lunar love magic this month?

Aquarius New Moon qualities

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which is known as the “great awakener” and is all about being quirky, eccentric, and even rebellious. I often refer to it as the “gotta be me” zodiac sign.

Aquarian energy is also progressive, visionary and humanitarian. During Aquarius season, which runs from January 19 to February 18 this year, you may be drawn to rally people around your favorite cause or social justice project.

Many people mistakenly of think Aquarius as a water sign because its symbol is the water-bearer.

Yes, you can imagine that water washing away the past to make room for fresh new ideas and perspectives going forward.

However, Aquarius is actually an air sign, which perfectly captures that ability to communicate and inspire others to action around social justice issues you hold closest to your heart.

For all of that sociability, though, Aquarian types can be so committed to their passions that they stubbornly resist looking at other viewpoints.

Likewise, when your favorite water-bearer is in full “gotta be me” mode, it can feel like you’re existing on separate planets.

So how can you bring all of these powerful, complex qualities together to create some Aquarius New Moon love magic for you and your sweetie?

The first step is to look at the elements associated with Aquarius energy:

  • Elemental energy: Air (honoring the intellect and communication)
  • Colors: Sky blue, bright blue
  • Gemstones: Garnet, amethyst
  • Flowers: Orchids, gladiolas
  • Essential Oils: Neroli, lemon, peppermint, rose, eucalyptus
  • Music: Wind instruments; Fusion jazz which combines electronic and acoustic
  • Food/Drink: Strong flavors (sour, salty); unusual combinations salty/sweet, spicy/sweet

If you want to tap into the air-y, mental energy of this New Moon, you could do some additional research to explore Aquarius-themed movies, books, clothes, animals, places in nature … the list is endless, depending on what you and your partner are drawn to explore.

If you really want to work with the intention-setting, planting seeds energy of the New Moon, it’s best to do it on the actual date, February 18, or sometime during the three days before and after.

But, as I mentioned earlier, the Sun is in Aquarius for a whole month, starting on January 19 and remaining there until February 18, so you can tap into it to a lesser degree during that period, too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you and/or your partner were born in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, or if your moon is in Aquarius, you’ll get a nice double dose of Aquarian New Moon energy whatever you decide to do!

OK, now you’re ready to pull together all of these magical pieces.

Here are 5 activities and ideas to get you started conjuring up some quirky, loving New Moon in Aquarius lunar energy and put it to good use in your love life.

1. Engage in a humanitarian/social justice-related activity or event together.

I know this may not sound terribly sexy, but like other not-obviously-romantic signs of the zodiac — Capricorn, Gemini, and Virgo, to name some others — the emphasis here is on doing this together.

Perhaps you and your partner share a passion for protecting the environment. If so, check out the National Resource Defense Council. Or, if you’re both drawn to social justice issues, explore organizations that focus on immigrant rights, such as the Immigrant Defense Project, or on racial justice, such as Race Forward.

Fuel your passion in the bedroom (more about that later) by finding other areas you are mutually passionate about!

2. Host a Zoom “salon”.

Aquarius loves it when you bring people together to explore, brainstorm, and debate any juicy topic. Patterned after the Parisian salons of the early 18th century, or Gertrude Stein’s famous salons in the 1920s, these gatherings provide a place for the free exchange of ideas and stories.

Check out some of the modern-day counterparts that exist and plan a unique evening soiree with friends. Entertaining as a couple, especially with a dynamic theme, can be a powerful bonding experience.

3. Learn more about the individual gifts you each bring to the relationship

Sometimes the ways that you complement your sweetie, i.e., how you’re very different, can stretch and grow your relationship. And other times, those differences can make you crazy!

To better understand what drives each of you, find out which of the five love languages — physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, or quality time — each of you speak as your primary love language. Or check out any of biological anthropologist Helen Fisher’s relationship quizzes.

Knowing your own and each other’s love styles can only deepen your connection.

4. Explore what astrology has to say about your relationship

The study of astrology is ruled by Uranus, so the New Moon in Aquarius is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge of each other with a dance through the zodiac.

In fact, there are actually a few special astrological charts that focus specifically on relationships — the composite chart and the synastry chart.

Do some research together to learn what each of them can do, and then find a terrific astrologer to explain it all to the two of you!

5. Try some new techniques in the bedroom

This is when you get to pull out all of the goodies in your Aquarius love magic toolkit — think blue candles, some massage lotion with neroli or lemon oil, and orchids scattered around the bed.

For music, you could go with the strange but wonderful “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, or to activate your inner rebels, you can prance around to Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” before jumping on each other!

Just be sure that “jumping” includes some creative love-making. Whether you try sex toys, blindfolds or brand new positions, tap into that quirky Aquarian energy and try things you’ve never done before.

Any important relationship work takes mutual intention and a little planning on both sides, even when you’re playing with that unpredictable Aquarian vibe.

Making a commitment to draw on the powerful energy of the New Moon each month gives you added support to initiate activities and conversations that can only enhance your love life.

And the February 2021New Moon in Aquarius is, hands down, the absolute best time to spice up your partnership in new and different ways!

Hi, I’m Deborah Roth, a Life and Relationship Coach, and also a Counseling Astrologer and Interfaith Minister. My Master’s thesis was on the power of transformative ritual and I love designing creative, meaningful rituals for individuals and couples to re-energize mind, body and spirit, and enhance their relationships.You can learn more about my work HERE or email me at to schedule an introductory coaching session.