Lifting up our Children and Youth

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Cherishing the children 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of all the kids in my life… well, actually about kids everywhere and how they’ve been affected by this life-changing pandemic over the last year. How can we best support them??

My 8-month-old granddaughter was born last August in the middle of it. She’s been pretty much unaffected and I suspect won’t have any residual effects since in “normal times”, she would have been home anyway with her parents on their maternity/paternity leaves.

Her big sister Keira turned 4 in January and had been in daycare since she was 9 months old. Gregarious creature that she is, she had a pretty tough time being isolated until she started back in a carefully monitored pre-school in early January. I wonder how much she’ll remember about “the germs”.

Then, there’s my 21 year old nephew Max who I’ve shared about here. He’s been battling cancer since last Fall which has been horrendous enough for him and the rest of our family, but all the Covid precautions have made it even moreso. His younger brother Nate is finishing up his freshman year at college… what bizarre memories he’ll have to look back on.

THEN, I enlarge my perspective and think of all the children who have lost parents and grandparents to Covid, and very likely, weren’t able to say goodbye. Heartbreaking.

Add all these to my list of those things that have truly and completely sucked over the past 13 months.

Some ways to support our children in these tough times, and beyond.

So, what’s my point here? I guess that it’s moved me to do my own personal search for some joyful/meaningful/empowering resources to support our children and youth during this extraordinary time. I offered a few in my recent “Deb’s Picks” newsletter which you can check out here:

And I’m thrilled to be able to actually DO something myself through my coaching with Robin which I talk about in that newsletter. Briefly, Robin is providing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs to school districts around the country, introducing mindfulness practices to middle and high school students. I’m one of their founding coaches and my topic is “Are you SELF-Centered?”, talking about self-care. Some of the other coaches speak about Resiliency, Transforming Negative Mind-talk, Finding your Inner Superpower and lots more. Definitely check out our website and let me know if you have connections with any schools and teachers who’d like to bring us in!

Of course, I’d love to hear of any similar organizations or projects that you’re connected with as well. It really does take a village!