How The April 2021 New Moon In Aries Will Affect Your Love Life & Relationships

Aries new moon Couple hugging on a mountaintop

If you’ve never considered the idea of using the energy of the moon cycles to spice up (or jumpstart) your love life, the New Moon in Aries is a great time to start! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the Aries New Moon is always the first one following the Spring Equinox, the ancient celebration of renewal and rebirth.

It’s time to be daring and assertive!

When is the next New Moon in Aries in April 2021 and what does it mean for all the astrological signs?

This year it falls on April 11th and between the “seed-planting” vibe of early Spring and Aries’ natural enthusiasm, get ready for an infusion of high spirits into your relationships.

Aries New Moon qualities

Aries is the quintessential zodiac sign for activating your inner warrior (in astrology, it’s ruled by the planet Mars who was also the Roman god of war) and catapulting you into daring, bold action. But be careful, that can also result in going off “half-cocked” or making impulsive choices.

Likewise, that same energy can trigger a knee-jerk, angry response…. sorry, but all zodiac signs have their upsides and downsides! Just focus on channeling any anger that bubbles up into positive action and into areas that you’re passionate about.

Like the other fire signs in astrology (Leo and Sagittarius), Aries energy is expansive and energetic. It’s self-motivating and headstrong and brings passion to your emotions and courage in the face of challenges. It’s known as the “me first” sign, perfectly embodied in its astrological symbol, the Ram. Are you starting to get ideas for ways to lasso those horns?

So, how can you tap into all this powerful Aries New Moon energy and create some lunar love magic for yourself and your partner?

New Moons in general are powerful times for planting the seeds for ideas, plans, and actions you want to grow over the coming weeks as the Moon waxes towards full once again. The fact that the New Moon in Aries always falls at the start of Spring just intensifies that intention-setting vibe.

That said, don’t worry about doing it right on the date of the New Moon – you’ll get maximum New Moon energy for 3 days before and after, but the Sun is in Aries for a whole month, from March 20-April 19, so you can tap into it to a lesser degree during that period, too.

Just remember, if you really want to work with the intention-setting, “planting seeds” energy of the New Moon itself, it’s best to do it on or after the actual date… in this case, April 11th.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if either you and/or partner are an Aries by birth, or if your moon is in Aries, you’ll get a nice double whammy of Aries New Moon energy whatever you decide to do!

With any intentional, magical New Moon work, it’s always helpful to know which symbols and associations to draw on.

Here are a few ideas to get you started in creating your magical Aries toolkit:

Elemental energy – fire

Colors – bright reds, scarlet, ruby

Gemstones (red) — bloodstone, garnet, ruby, red topaz

Flowers — tiger lily, red poppy, geraniums, red clover, narcissus (that last one fits perfect with Aries’ “me first” energy!)

Essential Oils – rejuvenating, refreshing (peppermint, cinnamon) or sexy (ylang-ylang, sandalwood)

Music – energizing, upbeat

Food/Drink – spicy, ginger-y

And if you really want to pack your toolkit to the brim, you could also research Aries movies, books, clothes, animals, places in nature… the list is endless, depending on what you and your sweetie are drawn to explore.

5 ways you can conjur up a little Aries New Moon love magic

1) Create a personal love amulet.

Now that you’ve assembled your Aries toolkit, what symbolic actions will you take to attract more of that passionate Aries energy into your life? One of my favorites is to imbue a special object with those intentions – hold a piece of jewelry or stone (red of course) as you articulate what you want to manifest. More courage? Move your body in a sexy way? Take the initiative in love-making?

Sit quietly and see what bubbles up (or in fiery Aries fashion, what “flashes” of inspiration get sparked), writing it down if you think you’ll forget. Now you’ve got your own powerful Aries “passion-igniting amulet” to carry with you as a reminder to re-connect with your intention!

2) Plan an adventure date.

How about literally tapping into that fearless, challenge-seeking urge that Aries triggers? If you’re really daring, find a trapeze school nearby, try bungie-jumping or sky diving! Many adventure companies have created socially-distanced versions of their offerings during the pandemic – check out Amazon Explore for some ideas.

But really, anything that stretches you out of your comfort zone will make Aries happy. Share something with your partner that you’ve been nervous about or think of a new activity you can do together that you’ve been curious about but afraid to try. Then call on your inner warrior to give you courage.

And if you’re feeling the need to channel any aggressive warrior energy that’s been triggered by this New Moon in Aries, grab your partner and find some bumper cars or a paint ball arena! Let Mars guide you to an activity that suits you best.

3) Conjur up a little Candle Magic

If your partner is up for it, one of my favorite fire-magic activities is to create a magical candle together – lots of the couples I work with have had fun with this one.

You’ll need a 3″ or 6″ pillar (fat) candle and a pen or big nail. Sitting on your lush red bedspread (a nice towel will do), the two of you first share your ideas for spicing up your love life. What are the things you’d each like more of from the other? What qualities do you want to bring to your relationship… fun, adventure, honesty, patience, etc.?

Then using the pen or nail, carve those intentions and requests into the candle… just be sure to have a paper plate handy to catch the shavings. If you really want to take it to the next level, you can anoint it with yummy oils (check your Aries toolkit for some great ones) and even glitter! Bring it into your bedroom for maximum effect, and every time you light the candle together, you’ll be re-igniting those commitments.

4) Treat yourselves to an Aries-themed romantic dinner.

Like any red-blooded fire sign, Aries is going to want ACTION. If you create a fabulous meal at home you can start with red flowers and candles all over the house, then move from room to room with each course. Be sure to serve sexy, spice-y favorites and top it off with some peppermint schnapps and chocolate-covered strawberries in the bedroom (more about that later)!

If you’re heading out on the town, look for a restaurant with those pandemic-inspired outdoor dining “bubbles” for a cool new experience. And during the Aries New Moon time, you may crave red meat and red wine, so take that into account when you make reservations, too. And don’t count on lingering too long over dinner!

5) Prepare for some energetic lovemaking!

Finally, to the bedroom, one of Aries favorite spots! Be sure to set up your lunar love nest beforehand so you don’t have to worry about such mundane things when you get there. In addition to those red candles and flowers, you can burn some ylang-ylang or sandalwood essential oil in your aromatherapy lamp and cue up some fiery, passionate music, maybe Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite” or Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” or something more contemporary like the 80s hit, “Push it to the Limit” by Paul Engemann or Natalie Cole’s “Wild Women Do”.

If this is at the end of your romantic dinner, bring those chocolate-covered strawberries with you and dribble some peppermint schnapps – very lickable! Don’t count on much foreplay or cuddling afterward cuz Aries just wants to get to it, fast and furiously. If you’re not usually the one to take the initiative, you can use that Aries New Moon drive to be more brave and adventurous, too… your partner will love it.

There are so many directions to go when you’re playing with any New Moon lunar energy, and with Aries New Moon on April 11th, your lunar love magic can be even more hot and sexy!

And I hope it’s obvious, singles, that most of the ideas here can be adapted for solo exploration, too. Even if some of them require a partner, think of it as important prep work for when you’ve attracted the playmate of your dreams!