Shine the Light on Your Favorite Women!

Graphic of "women's friendsship are a renewable source of power"

Oh joy… the light is returning! We just “sprang” the clocks forward and the sun now streams through the windows of my west-facing home office at 6pm. I did yoga in the park yesterday and had dinner out with a friend last night, complete with a real, live hug. I’m feeling lighter already (yup, pun intended 🙂 )

That said, I’ve also reeeeally been feeling the deep pull of this sensitive, water-y Pisces New Moon that just passed on March 13th. Tears of joy for that special hug last night. Tears of anguish this morning reading, once again, about the alarmingly high rate of maternal mortality in this country… the US has the worst rates in the world, and black women are 4 times as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes here. Or in our 4thU worship service this morning, sharing a powerful reading from our guest minister, questioning whether the “moral universe bends towards justice” (it does not, argues NBC’s Chris Hayes).

My precious communities of wonderful women

But then I facilitated my monthly New Moon SisterCircle, when all our emotions were front and center in classic Pisces style, and reflecting afterwards brings on tears of massive gratitude for the all extraordinary women in my life:

— Starting with the 3 generations of fabulous, loving women in my family, with a fourth generation (my own granddaughters) coming up fast.

— My beloved prayer group with 6 coaches that’s been meeting on the phone twice a month for 11 years.

— My special “Spirit Shifters” group of dear sister-friends who’ve been meeting “live” (tho now on Zoom during Covid) once/month for 12 years, taking turns facilitating powerful soul-nurturing experiences.

— My wildly talented, multi-generational women’s chorus, the SoHarmoniums, who I’ve sung with since 2010 and we’ve got another fabulous virtual concert coming up in May

— My amazing, ever-expanding team of 4thU Artivists whose commitment, passion, and vision never ceases to lift me up.

— and of course, all of the “ritualizing women” who’ve laughed, cried, danced, chanted, meditated and created magic with me in our New Moon Circles and Full Moon TeleMeditations for the past 25 years.

Who are the extraordinary women you celebrate in your life?

Ya think I love women just a bit?! I happen to have LOTS of them in my life, but even if you just have one one or two special ones, our women friends are all, as Jane Fonda puts it, a “renewal power source”.

Who are yours? Let’s honor and celebrate them all this month