The Goddess and You

Woman holding branch & laurel crown

I couldn’t decide whether to title this “the Goddess and You” or “the Goddess and Me”, so you take your pick! Because whether you identify personally with my journey or not, the truth is, as I say in my weekly videos, we ALL have an #innergoddessteam within us. That’s where our Divine Feminine energy lives, regardless of gender, culture or religion. She informs every aspect of my life, work and relationships. Probably for you, too, in more ways than you think.

I “discovered” Her almost 30 years ago when I walked into my UU church, the 4th Universalist Society, for the first time and within weeks was introduced to the idea of the Divine Feminine as a living, breathing presence in ourselves and in the world by then-minister, Rev. Darrell Berger. For me, it was an immediate “oh, that’s what’s been missing” on my spiritual journey. I won’t give you all the details here of how that’s all unfolded since then — you can read that in my book, “Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman“, (or in my Master’s thesis if you want more footnotes and an “academic” slant!) but I can tell you it’s been quite a ride. That’s me at my 40th birthday ritual, just 3 years after my big discovery! Flower crowns and wands are optional. 🙂

Spirited Living and the Divine Feminine

The most recent “aha” has been that I’ve come to realize that all of the things I do under my beloved business name of “Spirited Living” are infused with Her energy and not just the obvious ones like my women’s circles or my weekly #innergoddessteam videos. Some of those divinely feminine traits include compassion, collaboration, nurturing, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, honoring your emotions, trusting your intuition, celebrating your body, connecting with (vs. exploiting) nature.

Seems pretty obvious now that all those come into play in some way or another when I’m doing life and relationship coaching or officiating weddings, too. Even the “mental fitness coaching” I’m bringing into my practice now with my Positive Intelligence coach training encompasses all of those principles — the first step to get out of your “Saboteur” mindset is to do “PQ reps” to bring you back to your body! Be on the look-out for more info on that as I roll it out… in the meantime, definitely take the Saboteur assessment and let me know what you think or if you want to join a “PQ Pod” to work through the 6-week intro to the Positive Intelligence work.

Balancing the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine

And yes, of course it’s important to acknowledge that we also embody those positive traits typically described as masculine — logical, assertive, rational, independent, to name a few. The trouble is, they’ve have been idealized, deified, and legitimized as the “right” way to be for literally thousands of years. I’d say we’re long overdue to rebalance the scales.

I wrote an article a few years ago for Your Tango entitled “7 Innately Feminine Personality Traits All Real-Life Goddesses Should Embrace” (their title, not mine!) that continues to get lots of clicks every week. I’ll be updating it soon but in the meantime, I’d love to hear from YOU about how you resonate with the idea of the Divine Feminine and the archetypal wisdom of her many Goddess “representatives” from around the world.

Now, on to this month’s eclectic assortment of divinely feminine-inspired Deb’s Picks!


In addition to those obvious ways you can explore the divine feminine with me (my women’s circles, meditations, and weekly #innergoddessteam videos), did you know that I also offered a yearlong SisterCircle Weavers program for 10 years? I don’t do it as a group at this point, but rather tailor it individually. Some of the topics we explore are Circle of the Year, lunar cycles and moon signs, ritual elements and structure, Goddess herstory, four faces of the Divine Feminine, World Goddesses, Feminist psychology. OR if you want a more “organic” approach, check out my Divinely Feminine Coaching. AND HERE’S THE SPECIAL OFFER: My “Facebook goddess” of 9 years is moving on and I’d love to find another one. She’s posted most days on my FB Spirited Living page in exchange for coaching with me… if that sounds intriguing to you, definitely reach out!

2. 1000 GODDESS GATHERING on 10-23-21

My brilliant goddess-sister and Gaia Communicator, Mare Cromwell, is launching her 5th annual 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid” to vitalize the Divine Feminine around the world. Mare says, “This world-wide event is a call to action to elevate the Luminous Love energetics of our Sacred Earth by a powerful Unified Field of ceremonies. It is based upon a Tibetan Prophecy that states that when 1000 Goddesses or Tibetan Taras unite, the tone of our Sacred Earth will shift from Fear to Compassion. All women are Goddesses and are invited to participate. The Divine Masculine is welcome to hold sacred space and all non-binary people are enthusiastically invited to join in ceremony too.” I’m officiating a wedding that day, so can’t participate completely, but will be creating my own personal ceremony at Noon Eastern… if you want to join me virtually, let me know. Let’s weave healing Divine Feminine energies around the planet together!


I was introduced to The Three Tomatoes almost 10 years ago and have been so impressed by this “NYC Insider’s Guide for women who aren’t kids”. Each week, they broadcast dozens of offers, tips, articles and exclusive giveaways. I attended their annual “Talent Show” last week with a few goddess-sisters (yes, it was LIVE) and it was wonderful! They’re based in NYC, but of course, so much is virtual nowadays that you’re sure to love their newsletter.


I’ve raved about my women’s chorus, the SoHarmoniums, for years, but one of the unique things I’ve been participating in since last summer is their Anti-racism Book Club. We’ve read extraordinary books by Black writers, so I was particularly jazzed to stumble on this powerful and yes, divinely feminine, festival. The goal of the  Well-Read Black Girl Book Club is to “introduce a cohort of diverse writers to future generations – contemporary authors who are Black, woman, non-binary, queer, trans, and disabled. To address inequalities and improve communities through reading and reflecting on the works of Black women.” I’ve registered and if you’re on a similar path, definitely check it out.

5. 4thU ARTIVISTS PRESENTS: Dear ONE: Love and Longing in mid-century Queer America

Fri/Sat., November 5-6

4thU Artivists has been raising funds and awareness since 2009 for organizations who work to end gender violence and empower women. We’re so excited to present our Fall show — Dear ONE” is written by Joshua Irving Gershick and directed by our own Nancy Robillard! This powerful show illuminates the lives of ordinary Queer Americans as recounted through letters written between 1953 and 1965, to L.A.’s ONE Magazine, the first openly gay & lesbian periodical in the U.S. “Dear ONE” will be presented as a live, staged production, streamed to a virtual audience only. Net proceeds will go to support the work of the Audre Lorde Project and you can get tickets HERE .  I’d love to “see” you there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of divinely feminine offerings to sustain, inspire and empower you in these challenging times. I’d love to hear any that you’ve found, too!