What is the Lion’s Gate and how you can step into its powerful energy on August 8th?

Head of lion

It’s time again to step through the Lion’s Gate! If you’ve never heard of it, now is the time to find out so you can participate in this powerful, celestial heart-opening event that occurs this weekend on August 8th.

Each year, this energetic portal opens up around July 26th and stays open until about August 12th, with the peak occurring on August 8th – the eighth day of the eighth month. It’s marked by the heliacal rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky… basically that means that Sirius will be visible above the eastern horizon just before sunrise.

The many keys to the Lion’s Gate

In numerology, eight symbolizes balance and represents changes that bring about harmony and alignment in ourselves and in the world. And in astrology, Sirius symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and creative power. The ancients considered Sirius to be the “spiritual Sun” and believed that its light showed the path to heaven. Just as our own Earth’s Sun energizes and sustains our physical body, so does Sirius raise our spiritual vibration and deepens our connection to our intuition and to the divine.

As if the Sirius and 8/8 combination wasn’t enough, the sun is in Leo from July 22 to August 22 and guess what Leo’s symbol is? You guessed it… the Lion! AND this year, August 8th just happens to also be the New Moon in Leo which adds even more clout to this already powerful cosmic event. New Moons are an initiation and represent new beginnings. Leo rules the heart and inspires a sense of purpose and passion for creation and self-expression. AND it’s ruled by the Sun – a perfect partner for that spiritual Sun Sirius that’s dancing through the skies right now.

How to use the powerful energy of the Lion’s Gate

The bottom line is that this triple whammy of cosmic energy opens up a celestial portal that allows high vibrational energy to be sent to Earth for all of us to embody.

How can you channel the roaring symbolism of Lion’s Gate to enhance and elevate your own mind, heart and spirit?

Click on the video link below for some ideas… note that the video is from a blog I did for the Wellness Universe in 2020, but the information is timeless! Then let me know how you danced through the Lion’s Gate.

VIDEO — https://youtu.be/y45HNzAo9gs